(This is a special dedication...
Y'know what I'm sayin'?
Smooth it out...)

Now I'ma tell you off the bat what this jam is about
It's 'bout stealing people's shit and leaving them ass out
Whether stranger or relative, a friend or a foe,
I like jacking motherfuckers when I need some dough
I ain't the type of individual to hold a job
I'd rather snatch a sucker's chain for the gold involved
Ain't working at McDonald's, you can suck my dick
Matter of fact give me a burger and the keys to your rip

Now I'ma drive around town in a brand new Maxima
See a hitchhiker, bam! now I got a passenger
Asked him where I lived while I looked at his gear
He told me it was close and I should make a left here
Dude was looking busted but he had a nice watch
Some shit that I was liable to gaffle and rock
So I said hold up and parked the car on Fifth
And said "the watch and your money bitch, run that shit!"

I want them color TV's...
And all your ugly fucking clothes...
A burger with fries...
I want that diamond ring...
I want the money in your pocket...
I want a strawberry shake to go...
Yo check it out

Now I knew this kid Barry, yo, we went way back
Me and Barry used to chill at the crib and smoke crack
We was technically related 'cause he married my daughter
He would come to the crib when he needed some water
Barry was ugly, bad breath but real cool
We would sit on the stoop and reminisce about school
And the things we used to do just to make ends meet
Like the credit card scam and selling drugs on the street

I didn't think nothin' when my man started flossing
Rocking alligator boots and an 80-dollar walkman
I figured he was schemin', just stacking his loot
Then he came into the crib in a three-piece suit
He said "yo man, I landed this government job"
I was thinking to myself he's a sucker or slob
"You're bullshitting, Barry!" he said, "naw, it's legit"
He pulled out a thousand dollars, I said "run that shit!"

I want the money in your pocket...
I want them glasses...
Yo give me that bagel, I'm hungry...
Yo, the color television, stereo...
Yo, give me your socks, man...
Oh, them kicks? Looking dope...
Want that jacket, let me see that shit...
Run it

I was walking down the block, just minding my own
When I saw this bangin' biddy with the caramel tone
I said my name is E, yo, I'm all alone
And I'm looking for a girl to get naked and bone
She said, "I love a man that's firm and direct
Let's go to my apartment and have some sex"
I said "bet. Yo bitch, what kinda ride you got?"
Then she grabbed me by the wood and I was hard as a rock

When we got to the spot she got down on her knees
I was thinking 'bout the pussy and the color TV
She was playing with the coochie as she started to strip
She was sucking my dick, I busted off on her tits
Then I got up, put my shit back in my drawers
There was come on her face, she was lying on the floor
Then I pulled out my toolie and I aimed it at her lip
I said "earrings and the stereo, run that shit!"

Yo, I want all your money...
Fuckin' jewelry...
I want the ice in the freezer...
Give it up, skeezer...
I want all that shit, run that shit
Don't say shit, just run that shit

Yo your pet dog, run that shit
Your earring, run that shit
Your little brother, run that shit
Yo, your drumstick, run that shit
Fried piece of chicken, run that shit
Yo, your gear, I want that shit
My name is Edan and I steal kids' shit
Yeah, yo run that shit

Word... this goes out to all the motherfuckers
That don't know how to earn a decent fuckin' buck
So they gotta steal from kids
Hell yeah!
Yo... Stealing is the way... to go...
That's how you get all your shit
You ain't gotta pay for SHIT!
Yo, Edan, I'm out
Fuck yeah, yo

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