"Beautiful Calm Driving" as written by Sia Furler and Samuel Ronald Dixon....
Beautiful calm driving, deep sea pearl diving
Constantly unwinding, beautiful calm driving
You turned into another
You turned into nutter
You turned into another man

You're a stranger to me
You're a danger to me
You're a stranger to me
You're a danger
To me

Beautiful calm driving, emotional hiding
Effortlessly shining, beautiful calm driving

You turned into another
You turned into nutter
You turned into another man

You're a stranger to me
You're a danger to me
You're a stranger to me
You're a danger to me
You're a stranger to me
You're a danger to me
You're a stranger to me
You're a danger to me
Beautiful calm driving

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"Beautiful Calm Driving" as written by Sia Furler

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Beautiful Calm Driving song meanings
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    General CommentI always thought this song was about a hurting relationship.

    For me the "driving" represents the relationship. And as this drive goes on, one of the partner (the boy) turns not to be the promissing kind person he first appears to be.

    As for the "calm" it represents the slowly way he turned into "another", a "nutter", a "stranger" and a "danger". (related to the parallel I make below)

    At last the "beautiful" is for the way the girl is still hooked on the disappointing man she fell in love with. She is hurt but still find him beautiful. Like she is sedated by her feeling. Unable of doing anything but complaining. At first we could think that the song is a cry of rage, but the rythm of the song reveals it's a lamentation song. She feels already trapped, unable to flee (but does she really want to get away from him ?)

    I love the first line : the parallel between 'driving" and "diving". I understand it by the image of a girl drowning in a relation, overwhelmed by her feelings. As the differents decompressions stops in diving, she went through many stages that lead her in the situation she feels trapped in today. It was "calm", painless, like she has been sedated step by step. The boy kind of cast a spell on her, now she is suffering but it still feel beautiful, enchanted.

    "unwinding" : he slowly reveals his true core.
    "effortlessly shining" : he cast a spell on every one who puts an eye on him, he is very charming.

    PS : forgive me for the way I write, I'm french :P
    Kravenon July 23, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI am my true self when driving. And I don't drive well. I'm aggressive and vengeful. (Sorry, fellow New England drivers.... but screw you should you encounter me). I jest... mostly.

    I think this song has the singer recognizing the inner truth of a her partner and rationalizing ... perhaps for her safety, or the sake of the relationship.

    The truth is there, in the under current. My rational self will tell whatever truth is necessary to survive. You have "Beautiful Calm Driving" but I know the truth.
    Anlifon February 04, 2017   Link
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    General Commentpersonally, i think this song is about going for a drive, to get away and having a chance to think about things, and possibly reflect on problems in your life.

    "beautiful calm driving

    deep sea pearl diving

    constantly unwinding"

    These all seem to be examples of notions of wanting to focus on something else.

    Obviously, she refers to the thoughts she is trying to escape when she talks about the person being a "nutter, stranger, another man, a danger"

    Also,"emotional hiding" and "effortlessly shining" refers to the driving letting you get away, and think about your problems, but also continue to hide them away from everyone else. And "shining" describes the appeal this has.

    It cannot be overlooked though that "driving" can be a metaphor for alot of other things, in which she could find 'beauty' or appeal for getting away.
    lillipillitigerxon November 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMost of the time..going for a long drive to no where is my only escape. It's nice to have a perfect song for those times.
    ImaginaryButtonson November 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow, I'd never looked at the lyrics before...much more to this song than I first thought! I agree about the driving/reflection thing, and I think she's trying to get over someone or weigh up her options with someone...
    missmeon May 16, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionThe first bars of the song have a striking resemblance to Hotel California by the Eagles in my opinion :)
    ratmuffinon June 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWell part of the song makes me think she's driving with someone and now they've gone a little kooky (from a fight, disagreement, etc) and is driving very uncalm and dangerously. Might just be me though.
    Califaon November 20, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI've always thought of this lyric as being about sex.
    The 'beautiful calm driving' is sex and the 'deep sea pearl diving' is oral sex from her boyfriend (did no one pick up on that phrase ?) and the 'constantly unwinding' is way the sex is panning out -what's next ?
    However when he is having sex with her he is 'another man' not the guy she knows but unpredictable ... in fact a bit of a nutter. He is a stranger and a 'danger' - she doesn't quite know what he is going to do ,(although she isnt in any danger) He is lost in another personality she doesnt know.I suppose you could say he is a bit animal.
    In the second verse he doesnt give much away during sex (she cant quite suss out what he is about ) -'emotional hiding' but even so when they have sex he does it very well 'effortlessly shining'.

    So there you have it. No doubt this will be a bit obtuse for some.
    Anyway its a fabulous song.... definitely one of my desert island songs.
    vespuccioon February 13, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt's about thinking you 'know' someone.. Suddenly he scares the shit out of you and you realize you don't know him it all, he becomes a stranger. Also a danger. So you drive away with grace: beautiful calm driving.
    _nienkepienke_on July 19, 2015   Link
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    General CommentIn hearing this song a lot these days. When I ״run" away from a relationship that just began.

    What happens when I came back was the chorus. He turn to another man, and by having feelings for him he became a danger to me.

    About the driving part, I think the song talks about traveling but maybe not in the world maybe in herself.
    The beautiful and calm is her, her state of mind now. Where she is effortlessly shining.

    The emotional hiding and unwinding I think refers to him, cus is she is good she is beautiful and calm. I don't think she can be this way without the love and ecceptance that she gain, maybe by a trip in the world.

    ManoStuarton October 28, 2015   Link

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