The grass was never green. There was never purity. Some say it's all over... stupid fucking jaded burnouts.
Young ones: carry on. Destroy and annoy.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Fuck The Glory Days!
We don't care what you think.
We don't care what you say.
You don't get to decide
It's ours. Go Away. Shut up.

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Fuck the Sex Pistols song meanings
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    General CommentI think everyone else is pretty much right on this one. Jeff probably got tired of hearing "tru punx" tell him the movement was dead, and that what MLIW is doing isn't as good as it was in the 80's, but he's basically replying "Fuck you. This isn't yours, it's mine, and I've worked my ass off to make it that way."
    Avekson January 21, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfuck the sex pistols? Fuck you, sure the sex pistols weren't very talented, but they were the face of punk in Britain in those days, and most punk in that day required little talent anyways. Either way, Rotten and the very shitty (but still awesome) bass player Sid, are indeed the image of early punk.
    willstrife9fjgon May 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSomeone had to say it. Fuck the Sex Pistols and any cynical "punk" who wants to talk about the past and shit on the hard-working bands of today.
    Northstaron September 13, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthaha. heard this for this first time live when MLIW was playing with Bouncing Souls and Lifetime in NYC. now that i'm reading the lyrics i think it's great. MLIW is such a smart, fiery band, i'm proud they're representing Iowa.
    BlackLungFeveron October 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell, I am a fan of the old punks, but the new shit is awesome too. Oh, and the Sex Pistols were horrible. They had like...6 good songs.
    gofuckyourselfon November 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell willstrife9fig REALLY missed the point of the whole song.
    Seriously, what the fuck.
    He's not saying Fuck the Sex Pistols because of their musical talent or singing abilities.
    And "they were the face of punk in Britain" is the problem, people still think they're the fucking face of punk, which is followed by the fact that like you said: "most punk in that day required little talent anyways." Another problem. Everyone just thought punk was a joke because of them. Like in that movie with Cheech in Chong where they just decied to pick up guitars and start a punk band "because it doesn't have to be good or mean anything, it's punk!"

    Props to Aveks for saying what I was trying to say, only better.
    holyfuckingshiton June 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJust because they were the face of punk in Britain dos not mean they are the face of punk today, and I don't think that people believed punk was a joke because of them, and if they did, or do, they obviously aren't very educated on the matter, so fuck them anyways.
    Blaming the Sex Pistols for assholes giving MLIW shit, is obviously not blaming the right people at all. I don't see Rotten giving them shit, and I don't think he would, being they are far more talented.
    I can understand where MLIW is coming from though, I would probably do the same thing in the face of criticism from assholes that seam to hate anything new, its easy to criticize and that's what people do, and will always do. You cant please everybody.

    Props to Aveks for saying what holyfuckingshit was trying to say, only better.
    willstrife9fjgon July 11, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's all about how you live Punk and Hardcore today. Everywhere you can here the Term "Punk is Dead", but if you still live it, how can it be dead? I guess thats what the Song is about. Punk moved on, not everything is how it was in the beginning of the so called "Glory Days". Punk is about moving forward, not living any nostalgia kind of feeling.
    Icke49on November 05, 2012   Link

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