Well I wonder sometimes what is said behind my back
What questions are left unasked
Some people go along like they've got something to say
And some just don't like digging up the past
Well I can see in your eyes that you've been hurt
More than once before
But a heart made of stone wrapped in flesh and bone
Won't ever beat the same as yours
Sure the concept of love just like anything else
Seems intriguing from a distance although
That it's easy to say once yoy've made that mistake
Those feelings don't ever seem to go
Kid you've got your whole life to make your mistakes
You're looking at this all the wrong way
We've a mind that can learn and a voice to be heard
Just say what you wanna say

Well I wonder sometimes if I'll ever figure out
Just how to start this engine
While I'm surrounded by sheep and Johnny Howard is leading
The way with his lies and coruption
Well I had this one dream where we all got along
I guess you could call it heaven
I awoke and I saw on TV that the war
In Iraq had finally ended
As the routine of school and the strain of peer presure
Begins to frustrate me
I witness the ways we minipulate
Other people with low self-esteem
The guys and the girls our way of thinking
I'm sure our conclusions the same
We all want to be touched and loved very much
We express it in different ways

Come now conscience set me free
Assure me that I've done the right thing
The truth won't always set you free
But it's a start a new beginning
It's a change...

Well I wonder sometimes about UFO's the universe
And the supernova
How one day I'll be gone how we're here then we're not
Will I be remembered when my life is over?
I think about minuet things to occupy my time
To fill the void we sometimes called boredom
I might worry too much or maybe not care enough
And act like my telephones a timebomb

All this clutter gets to me
It's all to complicated
The answers our out of our reach
So we've compensated
With war and violence, with drugs and silence
With anger and blame, with crime and shame
We'll compensate with power and ignorence, with sex and ungratefullness
With love, with our love
And I doubt we'll ever change

Lyrics submitted by Emile K. O.

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