Oh shit he's staring right back at you, just as you did, with his eyes
And you are wanting him more than anything at this time
Will you take him back will you take him will you take him back with you
Back to all your friends and a nice warm bed you share with a priveledged few
Well I'm aching now I'm aching now I see you walking away
My imaginations running wild and my logics gone astray
After all this time I've made up my mind and I'm ready to tell you the truth
Your vicious curves and spontaneous blurts ignite my love for you

All the feelings we gracefully have
It's a wonder I don't fall in love with all my friends
Well I see you in my dreams
You're the slender teenage girl you've always been
Well I'm drunk but I still love you

Oh fuck he's smiling at me now my heart just missed a beat
Well he listens and he makes me laugh now I'm wrapped in a blanket sheet
And I'm naked as I fumble for the lightswitch in the dark
As he's sound asleep I hear him breath and the ticking of the clock
And I confide my secrets in the hearts of all my dearest friends
In the ones I love and the ones I trust in the time we merely spend
Well I've got my phone and I've got your number be reassured I'll call
'Cause I love you and I always have why'd you think we always talk

Your story's so familiar and your lips are home to me
You can undress in the bathroom and your hands may go wherever they please
I've seen a many things I've memorised your smile
I've exercised my cowardice to eliminate your doubt

Lyrics submitted by Emile K. O.

Miserable Bastard song meanings
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