i've gone too fast
to hope this feeling won't pass
like i know the smell of summer
and i know it won't last

and then that's just too bad
is about all they could say
when the rags don't turn to riches
and you're caught without fame

in this path that strings you out
so you would die for the praise
words of those you've never known
who never paid for their tastes

they won't hear how i've been living
like this everyday
what (all) they'll hear is someone
one that they trust with their tastes

i strolled through my old life
to find it don't feel right
empty the classrooms
to getting away from
the things she's been saying
and everything i knew
i shouldn't have to tell you
i want to be near you
but i guess i've got you fooled
for now i'm not so proud
that i can't look away from it

lost and cold
and all alone
you know the view it was clear
you konw everything seemed clear
when they just left us here

when this all falls
we'll need you close
be understanding be there
please don't forget
don't forget to care

still looking west
but stuck here safe with the rest
broken down on weekend nights spent
just looking for a friend

someone said that life will kill you
man i jumped at the chance
but i never got the rhythm right
never made it last

of those friends
they let you down when they're
put up to the test
of that girl
i'll need her more
after i've got nothing left

until then i'll take for granted
what i just don't deserve
said i'd quit if she spoke
but i can't, so i won't

i hopped on the last train
just looking for something
the promise of more room
a life of rejection
that's full of directions
that have all since fallen through
i'm hating to say it
but there's no escaping
everything we ever knew
that's let us down
so let's get out
before we look back too


i got to your doorway
with time just to be late
for every chance i've ever had
i climbed up the mountain
and still nothing happened
maybe we'll be wrong til the end
i got to your doorway
hoping for everything
but i saw it on your face
i failed
there's nothing there
just give me time
i'll learn i swear
for now let's see
what happens in a dream

lost and cold
but not alone
and now that everyone's here
we've got nothing to fear

as time will show
our numbers grow
whatever happens there
please don't forget
don't forget to care

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