Jack was a man who lived in the sand
right outside of DreamerLand
He makes his living any way he can
every single night playing with the band.

Amy was a girl that was new to the world
with everything about her and her bleach blonde curls.
She lived in the cole mine out of town
every single night that's where she could be found.

And then one day in dreamer land, Jack was coming through playing with his band
and Amy and her friends had plans to go
out that night to see the show
and everything about it was turning out
cause Amy had tickets to the second row.

And after the show had ended soon
Jack was hanging out in his dressing room
when a knock came from the side veiw glass
it was Amy and her friends with a backstage pass.
Jack saw Amy and Amy saw Jack
sitting there eating his cracker jacks
it was love at first site as if they knew.
Jack said "Amy I Love you too"
She placed her small heart in his hand
and now they get along like a Marching Band.

Marching Band
Marching Band
Marching Band.

Now the're a family that lives in the sand
right out side of DreamerLand.
They make their living any way they can.
Two heart beats like a Marching Band.

Marching Band
Marching band

Lyrics submitted by Will Sayer

The Ballad of Jack and Amy song meanings
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    General CommentThis is a very symbolic song so I’ll break it down to you line for line. "Jack was a man that lived in the sand" is in reference to a person that spends his days on the beach like so many people do that live on the coast, there for are often referred to as "people that live in the sand".

    "Amy was a girl that was new to the world" is referring to a freshman college student that has just arrived for her first year in college and is looking for things to do for entertainment. "She lived in the coalmine out of town" recalls the dorm rooms and apartments outside of college towns that are so much like coalmines in the fact that they are all the same and contain the same thing.

    "DreamerLand" is a fake town in my mind that I refer to as any normal city or place that people wish they could be.

    From here on, the song tells a story of Amy and her friends going to see Jack and his band play a concert in DreamerLand and after meeting Jack, she fell in love.

    "She placed her small heart in his hand" means she gave him her love and trust.

    The line about Marching Bands is referring to the steady beat that they keep, much like a heart does.

    The last line shows that Jack and Amy became lovers from then on and made a life for themselves in DreamerLand, struggling to pay the bills but are still happy to have each other.

    this is just the story of the song, I’d love to hear how it has affect you.

    Will Sayeron August 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so hard to understand on Corporate Calling (and especially live). The "cute meet" of Amy and Jack is adorable, definately more fiction than fact (does that count as a pun?) but it works somehow! This is my mum's favorite FNF song.

    "Two heart beats like a Marching Band."
    Loud, boisterous, choreographed?
    It can go in two directions- a true, "can't stop us" love or a exhibitionist love. Marching bands can phase.
    elameon August 20, 2007   Link

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