I come to
There will be no more drowning
Help, colorless and cowering
You should understand me
When you're understanding

And through all the tears
Should you be alone

Right back, I hope he will pull through
Stand back, first aid is useful
You should understand me
How was I so stupid?

And through all the tears
Should you be alone
After all the tears
Should you be alone

Yes, there's going to be a drowning
Yes, there's going to be a drowning

Half wasted
Face painted
Hold my hand

There will be no more
Please move along
There will be no more
Please move along, oh

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Rubbernecking Lyrics as written by Tom Chaplin Timothy James Rice-oxley

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Rubbernecking song meanings
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    General Comment-Sorry in advance if this comment is a bit long!-

    I think the drowning is metaphorical. [:

    I really like how he's asking "Should you be alone?" and the next section is as if he is answering himself with a "Yes"... and quickly goes on with "There's going to be a drowning." Is he talking about someone else? ... Or maybe even himself?

    While I do not think this to be a literal drowning, I am unsure of what the other meaning would be. Drowning in tears/sorrow? Drowning in lies? In truth? Is this strictly an internal conflict?

    Wil6's idea makes sense. A painted face could be a facade, and the lines about understanding can fit in with this.

    At the beginning of the song he sings "I come to. There will be no more drowning." This is his first decision that the "drowning" will stop. Why am I mentioning this? Well, if this song is about lies... This is his decision that he will see THROUGH the lies told to him, or that he will stop LYING to himself. In other words, there will be no more "drowning" in lies.

    I also love how at the last verse ("There will be no more") it feels like he's emerging from water. The entire piece is incredibly heavy (granted, he gradually sounds more desperate) until that final breaking point, when you can imagine him tearing down a metaphorical wall.
    JackMerridewon February 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me the song is about death. Taken on face value, the singer could maybe have been responsible for somebody's death, or "drowning" as it were.
    But the meaning could be deeper and more metaphorical than that.
    Outruneon August 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about lies...
    Wil6on March 23, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song is DEFINITELY about lies. It seems that the whole song seems to be based around a decision, one that he might have not wanted to make in the first place, but brought to him by lies.

    I think the drowning part of the song represents a drowning of a relationship....which could also mean hes gonna be cryin a lot or drinkin a lot. Either way its not a good point to be at and he knows this, which is why he sounds like he is breaking down when singing "Yes, there's going to be a drowning"

    "And through all the tears
    Should you be alone
    After all the tears
    Should you be alone" This is the reason I feel this decision of the other person staying or going is conflicting him. I think tears represent pain, and the time the pain was endured. So he is trying to say after everything we've been through, should I leave you?

    "Right back, I hope he will pull through
    Stand back, first aid is useful" This gives me a hint that maybe theres a third party involved? So maybe the other person cheated? hence he now has to make a decision on what to do.

    I think the last two parts of the song reflect his final decision and what brought him to it.

    FuentesEncisoon August 31, 2010   Link

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