You can't really think you're on top.
The shit goes down and all you do is talk.
As soon as a body hits the floor you want to jump in the mix.
A vulture ups his score.
You can't really think you're on top.
You're like jackals feeding on the scraps.
Cowards running with the weakness pack.
Stay in back until you feel it's safe to make the attack.
But it's all for the show just to get known.
You only want to make a name but your not grown.
So you better slow your role 'cause when you're alone you're just another punk who needs to get thrown to the wolves so you'll learn respect is something to be earned.
And you'll get burned if you want to act a fool and think it's cool.
But I think you better chill before you get schooled.
You better check your chest.
Is there courage inside?
You better check yourself; you're not on my side.
You better recognize this is not your fight or I just might have to bust another head tonight.
You can't really think you're on top.
You proved you're a coward so you better walk.
Don't come around acting like something you're not.
You think you're hard but your not, so I hope that you stop.
You can't really think this fight is for you.
You make me hate you with the things that you do.
Well in the end son you're gonna lose 'cause I'm sick and tired of you and your bullshit crew.
You'll never be more than just a joke.
Something better change 'cause I'm at the end of my rope.
So you better wise up now or quit the game.
But it seems you're more concerned with the quest for fame.
You better check your chest.
Don't be a fool like the rest.
You better check your chest.
If you ever decide to fucking test

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