The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.

"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists", says the president.
In that case I'm with the "terrorists".

Its 2006, and we're still labeling indigenous individuals "terrorists"?!
Like the "hostile" native Americans of the 1840s, no difference.
But your history books omitted that part about this place,
Dashing infants' heads on rocks, millions of natives slaughtered and raped.
Instead we're fed romanticized versions of our history at an early age,
conditioning us into accepting the mass genocides of today.

Like the current one in Iraq (and other government sponsored terrorist attacks.)

Meanwhile millions of "Support our Troops" magnets are sold,
But I don't see any of the buyers crying out "Bring them home!"

Cant you see that giving up liberty does not bring security, but instead total fucking tyranny?! Pick up a book and read about our fucking history. And you'll see that giving up liberty does not bring security, but instead only fucking tyranny.

The very first step to revolution is consciousness,
And i'll never stop screaming until this all makes sense.

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    General CommentGoddamn, those lyrics are fuckin amazing!

    Kyle made these lyrics pretty much self explanitory..... pretty much.. That we as people, in this beloved nation... have no contact with any truth....... we are mononpolized and fed, bullshit lies at young ages, only to hear that years later.. It was so much more than what was ever stated..
    He made references to the indians of the 1840s..and personally I know this to be true, in high school I learned that shit... that they were murdered, raped, pillaged, etc..... and honeslty fuck THANKSGIVING.
    Celebrating a holiday, were supposedly indians met with pilgrims in unity... what they for got to mention.. Was the fact that a huge percentage of the indian population had been slain...

    anywho, back to subject... he's basically saying that without conscious awareness of what happened, and what continues to happen...Us as humans will never progress..
    Hence the title " the myth of human progress"

    And btw this song kicks ass..
    Specially the last breakdown
    born_betrayeron October 30, 2007   Link

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