"Wasted" as written by William Pugh, Joseph Pepper, Kevin Sanders and Nicolas Hudson....
It's 2:45 the baby takes his first breath
The mother never knew he only had a few left
The father gets a call in the middle of the night
His breath gets short and his chest gets tight

But he's sixteen and he's driving too fast
Takes a turn to the left, it would be his last
The body knows what happens if he turns to the right
The body in the car wouldn't die that night

But he's thirty two and invincible
The cancer he had it was visceral
He never saw it coming
Thought he had his whole life
Sick in the morning and he died in the night

We're all so
We're on the line
We're all, we're all
We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted

He's seven years old, got his bat in his hand
He's looking for his father and he doesn't understand
Cause dads too busy he's got some deals on the way
His son sits alone as the children play

And he's eighteen he couldn't wait to move out
His parents wonder what all the rush is about
They never bothered with his dreams only thinking of theirs
Wonder's why he doesn't call and why he doesn't care

But he's thirty two and invincible
Everything he is based on principle
He never had a truly happy moment in his life
He didn't want the kids and he didn't want his wife

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted, no no
We're all wasted

Twenty three now, got his life in his hands
He's looking all around and he doesn't understand
Cause life's too busy, things get in the way
We all feel alone every single day

Eighteen couldn't wait to move out
It's been five years and now he's starting to doubt
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking out to someplace that isn't there

When I'm thirty two will I be miserable
With everything around based on principle
Well, I had a clue, wouldn't it be nice
To never be alone in this wasted life

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted

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"Wasted" as written by Joseph Pepper William Pugh

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    General CommentI think I have an idea what this song means. But first, the missing lyrics where the question mark is-

    You're seven years old,
    Got his bat in his hand
    He's looking for his father
    And he doesn't understand

    In general, I think this song is about wasted lives.
    For the first verse, aka the first three stanzas here, I think they are stories. The first one about a boy in the hospital, his mom with him, at 2:45 in the morning, and he dies so his dad is called "in the middle of the night." The second stanza would be about a 16 year old who gets in a fatal accident, wrecking his body and the car. The third would then be a man with visceral cancer (a cancer of the soft organs mainly in the abdomen) which he probably never realized he had and then it came on him too fast and killed him in a day.

    Those lives were wasted, these people died young and unfairly.

    The second set of stanzas I think follows one boy- his dad was always too busy to play with him, his parents wanted their dreams and ideas to be his life, and he doesn't want that at all so when he leaves he just doesn't care about them because they didn't care about what he wanted. Then he gets married and has kids, but he never wanted them either, he based his life on what most people did instead of what he wanted.

    Those three stanzas sort of show how his life can be seen as wasteful because he never wanted the life he was in. If he had followed what he really wanted he would have been happier.

    I think the third set of stanzas are about the son of the person in the second set of stanzas. The first stanza is the present with the second stanza reflecting his past, and the third him thinking about his future. In the second stanza he is not sure whether following his dreams is going to lead him in the right place, or if that place will exist at all. But, he wants to get out because his dad doesn't care about him. In the first stanza everything is busy and he feels alone, but "Got his life in his hands," so it looks like him following what he wanted was the right thing to do. The third stanza reflects how similar he thinks he is to his dad when he was those ages. He doesn't want to be miserable like his dad was or regret things he did or didn't do, and he doesn't want his life to have been based on principle and what people usually do. He "has a clue" because he knows what he is going to do and he wish his father would have done the same thing, because "She would never be alone in this wasted life." His dad either wasted his mom's life because he never wanted her to begin with, or she would not have been included in his dad's wasted life if he had done what his heart/gut told him to do.

    Hence the chorus "We're wasted, no, no, no, we're all wasted."

    These lives were wasted by something natural, other people, or themselves, and someone is finally trying to change it so he doesn't waste his life.

    Sorry that was so long, and I hope it at least made some sense.
    I absolutely love this song. It's amazing, and I really like listening to the verses and just thinking about it all.
    suchaxsuckeron July 27, 2007   Link
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    General Comment..In addition to the third set of stanzas, in the third stanza, I think he means it would have been nice for his dad to have not included his mom in his wasted life.

    I don't think that he wasted his life, because he is doing what he wants and even though it can be difficult and lonely at times he is satisfied with it.
    suchaxsuckeron July 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFunny how all of you seem to think this song isn't about you but other people who waste their lives.

    We're ALL wasted.
    SceneKingon January 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is quite obvious in meaning.

    In general, life is taken for granted in one way or another. We all realize that life is short (hints the line: "We're on the run, but we are aware...").

    For instance, the 32 year old who has cancer, knows that his life is going to be affected by his disease, so he let's his cancer control him.

    Just like the 7 year old boy whose father is neglecting him......he is always going to be affected by his father's lack of attention towards him and in turn, that will subconsciously affect his future relationships.

    I especially like the part about "aimless stares" because the guy (presumably the singer) doesn't want his life to be controlled by what he thinks he has to do.

    He doesn't want to be another "wasted" life.
    aly_keeneron March 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think I understand this song, but who really knows. It's just really touching.
    The first stanza, i think, refers to a baby being born at 2:45 but due to complications, he dies shortly after which is when his father gets a call in the middle of the night and the baby's breaths get short and his chest gets tight.

    Second verse refers to a 16 year old who gets in a car accident because he was driving too fast and swerves to the left and dies.

    Third verse is about a man who believed himself to be invincible the whole "it'll never happen to me" mindset. Then he found out he had visceral cancer, they caught it way too late and he was "sick in the morning and he died in the night."

    The chorus refers to the fact that all of these people have wasted lives. They died young, maybe before they could do something great in their lives. So, maybe we're all wasted.

    The next three stanzas are connected. They refer to a boy whose parents never payed attention to him. His father never showed up to his baseball games and the boy doesn't understand why. Then at age 18 he can't wait to move out of the house because his parents never cared about his dreams. However, the parents don't understand that so they wonder why he never calls once he moves out. The boy grows up to be 32 but he never wanted his kids or wife and he'd never actually been truly happy in his life. Which is why his life was "wasted." Because he was never happy with himself or anything he did.

    The last couple stanzas are about Will, the lead singer of Cartel. He's 23 now and his life is so busy with all the tours and concerts and all those things that everything gets in the way. He graduated from The Heritage School in Noonan, GA and he was "18, couldn't wait to move out." And now, 5 years later he's beginning to doubt if all of his dreams were actually attainable. He wonders about if when he is 32 if he'll be miserable.

    that was the longest thing ever, i'm really sorry. but hope i could help a little bit.

    i love cartel! one of my fave bands :)
    ugabornandbred26on March 30, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationThe core idea of the song (to me; it's message typically varies a little depending on the listener) is how easily our lives can become a huge waste. A baby dies in childbirth. A teenager dies because of reckless driving. A 32-year-old discovers he had cancer and the plans he had for his life are now obsolete because "he's sick in the morning and he dies in the night." A 7-year-old just wants to play with his dad, but his dad is too busy with work. A 32-year-old is depressed because he has lived his whole life based on meaningless principles (like the idea that everyone should get married and have kids). The 23-year-old is the person I relate to the most. He (presumably) just got out of college ("got his life in his hands"), but he doesn't understand what the next step in his life is supposed to be ("looking all around, but he doesnt understand"). Next you find out that when the 23-year-old turns 32 he will be miserable, and this is a reference to the 32-year-old previously mentioned.

    As you hear the song, it sounds like he is just singing about a bunch of different people whose lives have been wasted, but in the end it all comes together to show that it was the same person the whole time, and it is very easy to see how each stage of the persons life leads to the others and the many ways a person can waste their life.
    Ender0on February 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think that the song is all about the baby in the beginning.
    it didnt really die, because "the mother never knew he only had a few left"
    well, if he died right then, she would think back and say hmm, he only had a few left
    but then hes 16, and driving too fast, (not uncommon) and "takes a turn to the left,
    it WOULD be his last." meaning one wrong turn could completely eff your life.
    So if he turns to the right, nobody in the car would have died that night- the choice actually made.
    but now he's 32, and invincible, he thinks he has a whole life ahead of him with the mindset that "ohh that'll never happen to me" Even though he could have died in the previous stanzas.
    We all could die at any moment. I believe that's what the first verse is trying to get across, and notice that throughout the rest of the song, "he" doesnt get passsed 32, because he got "sick in the morning and he died in the night" at that age.
    then the second verse just goes on to tell how Wasted his life was.
    and the consistant mention of the father adds to me thinking its the same person.
    Also, if the song writer wanted it to be 3 different people in the beginning, they most likely would have alternated genders, but it's always "he."
    AutumnPaintedMindseton July 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think by. Were All Wasted, it's a play on the line, Were All Ways Dead. As in We are dead in all ways. And then it talks about the ways we die. Thats my opinion
    Caly76on August 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIf anyone can figure out what this song means, you win at life.
    sx edgeon July 27, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhoever transcribed these lyrics is deaf and an idiot

    the second line is obviously "the baby takes his first breath"

    lots of errors in this and other songs....
    dragoonelfon July 28, 2007   Link

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