The reverse side of beauty
It dyed by beloved filth.

The firefly that sunk into the ocean of glamor
Denial is a lie over a desire
The temperature dyed in contradictions
The reasoning worn on caresses
Dancing and melting into the youth suddenly

My mind which falls

Your seed and my seed never mixes.
The connection of this blood is eternal.
You cannot finish suppressing the desire.
To true daughter... [Sexual disgrace]

The heartpounding hunger from stopping a sigh
Without comprehending, searching for guren

Closet mind is distorted instability.
please release me before breaking.
How long...
In humiliation
The countless fatal scar was born.

[Sexual disgrace]

Prohibited budd...
Reckless driving memory...
The kin' collapses...
Near relatives on death...
The smell of a cigarette smell breath&shit
Moment that bitter white jam is mixed
Inside of a brain caused an error
and goes mad by the sweet bug

The tip of your tongue crawling on my neck, and your hands
Your desired facial expression Stain it with guren

Closet mind is distorted instability.
please release me before breaking.
So long...
In humiliation
The final art is your dead face

Dad which fell to the trap

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Filth in the Beauty (English lyrics) song meanings
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    General Commentthis reminds me alot of my childhood...and sugar pain.
    sounds like a continuation of father daughter incest.

    sounds as if the girls father feels seduced by her, as if he fought his urges for a while but resisted.

    man i love this song. The Gazette always takes the most controversial, taboo issues and brings them to the surface, it's what i love about them so much.
    deadxlettersxcon July 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song actually puts things very bluntly, such as, "this is the way the world is."
    The lyrics are really pretty, but at some points, rather matter-of-fact...
    "sunk into the ocean of glamor" Is a beautiful line within the harsh meaning of the song. But all in all, amazing, as always. ^.^
    Valentine Svetlanaon July 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commentguren - the 7th of the 8 cold hells, in which its so cold that the people who fell there, their skin cracks open, and the blood flows. The color of the blood is said to resemble the color of guren (a red lotus).

    LivvyNIGHTMAREon December 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about incest, yes, and the end of the song ("Dad falls into the trap") is about how...

    Wait, the closet mind thing they were going on about is keeping the molestation a secret...Then, as it went on for a long time, the daughter grew tired of it, laid a "trap" for her father, which resulted in his death.

    This is my guess, anyway.
    LM.C+Diruon February 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe song is called "Filth in beauty". It speaks for itself dont you think?
    Its talking about how people give into lust. How there is so much unfortunate glamour and fashion.
    dozedgreenon February 14, 2009   Link

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