Sweat drenched skin covered in white lace
devilish accomplice in lingerie
tonight, tonight revenge has a face
and she's gonna have her way
open windows, unlocked doors
secrets left on bedroom floors
we'll stay in here under these sheets
playing this game of twisted hide and seek

Don't try to run she'll find you
Don't make this hurt more than it has to
Just a kiss her taste could cure me
I need a fix for my sweet tooth craving

I'm doing this purely for revenge
loathe every moan and creak in the bed
I've gotta say I'm quite impressed
how fast she fell out of that dress
every dirty word she whispered
and every sick thing she screamed
I hope they echo off your walls
I hope they haunt your every dream

Deep breaths with the cruelest intentions
a motive we're not gonna mention
revenge, revenge is a girl I know
and she can't just let this go
through the keyholes off the walls
echoes chasing down the halls
evidence spread all around
patiently waiting, waiting to be found



your every dream
your every dream

I won't just stab your back
I've got blueprints for attack
and it won't be quick, I'll tell you this
I think you know me better than that

With surgical precision
I'll make a small incision
directly to the side of your spine
I'm taking back what's mine

[Chorus x2]

your every dream
your every dream

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    General CommentThe Name says it all in this song- The Devil In Lace.
    Jesse is talking about the crazy girl (the devil in lace) and how twisted she is. He then goes on by singing how he will get revenge on this crazy girl!

    Just read the song carefully and it is quite obvious, at least that is what I see the lyric as!
    paperwings2007on July 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI take the song to mean that "the devil in lace" is the girl he's using for revenge. My guess is there is a second girl and he is with this "devil" or whore as a means of revenge of getting back at the other girl. Whether the other girl cheated on him, ended their relationship, or just pissed him off is a good question, but I think he's using this other girl, and she's totally ok with that.

    To me the lines "every dirty word she whispered, and every sick thing she screamed" are talking about the devil in lace while "I hope they echo off your walls, I hope they haunt your every dream" he's speaking to the other girl.
    qazwsxedcfvon November 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's about him getting revenge on an ex by sleeping with someone else.

    He feels guilty doing it, but at the same time he wants to get caught... that's the whole plan, because he knows it will hurt her like he was hurt.
    osubuckeye4on January 11, 2008   Link

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