Well did you hear about the new strip mall with all those new stores in it?
It's goin' on 95 acres just outside the city limits
Well they got a bunch of cranes out there and a bunch of big bulldozers
There knockin' down some Indian burial mounds and gonna pave the whole mess over
Well there'll be lots of stuff to buy there and lots of stuff to eat
Well I think we should make it the center of town - to hell with our main street
The lumber yard and the hardware store are closin' up today
But we can get all that stuff cheaper at Home Depot, anyway

They got a Best Buy and a Wal-Mart - They got a Supermarket of Shoes
They got an NTB and a D.O.C. - A Ponderosa and a Jiffy Lube
They got a Lowe's and a Dobb's and a Costco - An Olive Garden and a Chuck E. Cheese
They got a Papa John's and a Domino's - A Long John Silver's and a Captain D's

Well I wish I was on the city council so I coulda got some of them bribes
But I got no doubt when this mall gets here it's gonna improve all of our lives
Never mind the parking lot is on an incline and gonna flood the rest of town
They should build some more stores at the other end so the water will flow around

They got a Bed Bath and Beyond - They got a Popeye's and a Lee's
They got a Jack 'n The Box and a Subway - A TGI Friday's and an Applebee's
There's an Office Depot an Office Max - A Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell
There's an O'Charlies and a KFC - There's a Burger King as well

Well I don't care if the factory closes 'cause this town don't need it no more
I tell you son when this thing gets done we'll all get jobs in them stores
I'm sure they'll care about us - I tell ya it'll be real nice
We'll have HMOs and dental care and a discout on the merchandise

'Cause they got a Sonic and a Starbuck's - A Pep Boys and a Cici's Pizza
There's a Linens and Things and a Men's Warehouse - Where they're all
so pleased to meet ya
There's a Petsmart and a Petco - A Circuit City and a Sam's Club
A Wendy's and a Hardee's - There's a Blimpie and a Quizno's Subs

We'll be livin' in the lap of luxury with all we need right under our noses
And we can get anything any time we want 'cause the strip mall never closes
We'll be workin' or shoppin' or eatin' there just like our kids and our wives
It'll help rebuild or community and be the center of our lives

'Cause it'll have a Target and a K-Mart - A Citgo and a Quick Trip
A Menekie and a Midas - A Walgreens in case we get sick
It'll have a Baskin Robbins for the kids - And a Chili's too ya know
A Chester Fried Chicken and a Chick Fil-A - And a Fazoli's for Italians on the go.

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