"Germs of Perfection" as written by and Greg/gurewitz Graffin....
Lacerate, eviscerate, and perforate, and mutilate
We all fall down, all fall down
Deprecate, repudiate, ameliorate, adjudicate
The wisdom found, wisdom found

Clip the wings of progress, turn the direction
Enrich the fallow soil with germs of perfection

Delegate, facilitate, investigate, and obviate
The black turns green, black turns green
Separate, evaluate, and cultivate, and propagate
The master's dream, master's dream

Sing the fears of history with renewed inflection
View the lost agenda with a skeptic's intention

Machine of life, oh, can we make it run?
We have the tools, but only just begun
Machine of life, oh, can we make it run?
The calculations of a greater sum

Clip the wings of progress, turn the direction
Enrich the fallow soil with germs of perfection


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"Germs of Perfection" as written by Greg Graffin Brett W. Gurewitz

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Germs of Perfection song meanings
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    General CommentI don't get why everyone interprets the new songs about being about the war especially, especially when they said they would not be. Seeing as someone in the band is like a professor teaching on evolution or life-sciences or something lots of lyrics are most likely taking their inspiration from that.

    I think this song is all about turning shit around though and is little of an naturalist lyric perhaps. Germs is seen in society as something disgusting and useless etcetera i believe, but really if you look at it and understand it you see and know that germs in fact work really hard at creating perfection i believe in the ground and shit and serve an very important purpose. I think this one might also be about changing the present and stuff by digging into the history more etcetera.
    St.Catastropheon September 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBad Religion was on Loveline the other night and played they this song, when asked what the song was about, Greg said that it was about genetic engineering, and how we could achieve a better mankind through selective breeding.
    nfreemanlbcon March 31, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti cant believe nobody has commented on this song.. this is one of my fav songs from the album

    the meaning is pretty obvious.. its about turning around a war and fixing the mistakes that were caused by it
    ZenfullTangerineon August 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentby far one of the best songs on the new record. sounds like something off of "Against the Grain". the lyrics are about how evil infects peoples minds.
    tjtech12on August 03, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti thing this song is about human evolution... and the mistakes man have done( is still doing) to get where he is going, like humanity is involving into god.
    norberon August 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhat I get from this song is how lab-made germs can be used for good and bad purposes (war and soil-enrichment specifically). And then how many are afraid of using man-made germs because they're not created by nature/God, so they could cause disease or other problems.
    ZioShiraion January 07, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationCould this be about how the grain crops in the US are becoming owned and patented? "Enrich the fallow soil with germs of perfection"

    Farmers are being forced to use Monsanto seed, and if they don't then they are being sued for patent infringement because the pollen floats into their fields from other farmers who are using Monsanto seed.

    For those of you who have seen the documentary Food Inc. it might make more sense.
    MixPixon December 09, 2009   Link

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