Ghost with a grin outside a skin house
Set in the middle of a forty acre marsh
Wrapped in moisture, growing, living things
All around the dead arms, dead arms of spring

It was my stab at faith, a losing one
Derailing any one I had
You take my hand and threw me in the
Grave, grave, grave, grave, yeah

Now hold your throat
The air's a little worse than last week
It's little bit warmer than last week
It's not like you weren't informed

You're enlightened now
It makes no difference anyway
We're all on the same list of names

Black tar running from your mouth
Engine exhaust smoking out your ears
Yellow nails and hair like
Twine, twine, twine, twine, yeah

Slow fuel on your side, sharp tip
Running water black as night
I'm not sure if you're really that informed
You're like a small bird needing to be fed

It's probably something you won't take well
Loosening every state
Trying to rearrange
The way I want to look

Take some out altogether
Move a few close together
And sing, sing a long

It's the death rattle hymn
For a place removed from inside
It's for the party of sins which always
Wins a place down below

Car balanced on an old wood chair
Barely hanging on
And I'll be there

Lyrics submitted by Knife2aGunFight

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    General Commentthis song is amazing
    ungrateful_deadon November 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is amazing
    ungrateful_deadon November 01, 2007   Link
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    General Commentlullaby?
    vince1285on March 05, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationFirst off, i worship this band, from the guitar riffs to drums to lyrics. Few come as close to what I'd aspire to, musically. But anyways...

    At first i thought the song might be about pollution or the destruction of the planet but rereading it, it seems to me like the theme of mold, pestilence, rot and poison are a metaphor for America and a cultural corrosion of federalism and our values and a movement towards ignorance, dependancy and complacency. And he's lost all hope that even if We The People were to start waking up & thinking for ourselves, it's too little too late to change course. He expresses a dissatisfaction for people who think they are paying attention, but really are just standing around waiting to follow someone else. (like birds needing to be fed) And despite all this he seems to watch it all like you'd watch a car accident, with a morbid curiosity, stimulation from self-destruction. As all the states shatter and erode into history, that we share this fate (the same list of names) and he will be there too.

    Lady North could be a reference to North America or the Statue of Liberty. I will say, to me the meaning of this song is very similar to the song AEnima by Tool. Just a thought...
    gigaShamanon November 12, 2017   Link

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