"Phenagen" as written by John Lydon and Keith Levene....
Down in the dark
Tell us a story
From the room below
You are an Ostrich
Bury your head
Personal Austwich
Fermenting in bed
Empty promises help to forget
No more No more
Repair the damages you made
Amen, Amen, Amen,
Empty promises help to forget
No more, no more
Amen, Amen, Amen

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    General CommentPhenagen is a sleeping pill. At the time, both Lydon and Levene were paranoid shut-in druggies, in Levene's case hard narcotics. The line about wasting away in bed is a stab at Lydon, who would often spend days on end there watching television. Hence, this song is about putting yourself into a coma, TV on, doors and windows locked...
    Cynothoglyson June 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentit's actually spelt "Phenergan", which is a trade name for promethazine (hey, I know it's not as if Lydon was a pharmacist...anyway I'm something of an amateur pharmacist, considering my health and all the different meds they've tried on me). in large doses promethazine is an antipsychotic...same family as Thorazine.

    more commonly it's prescribed in small doses to reduce nausea, often in suppository form (in case the patient can't keep down a pill). many years ago in the States, it was standard operating procedure to give Phenergan to children in hospitals, several times a day. between the effects of the drug--and the method of administration--it was very effective in keeping kids quiet.

    they just assumed all kids would be disruptive unless they were sedated. i know hospitals are frightening when you're little, but... well, that's how things used to be. their only concern was maintaining order; these were in the days before anyone wondered whether overmedicating might be a bad idea.
    foreverdroneon September 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commentbtw to abuse Phenergan you'd have to be quite desperate for oblivion. antipsychotics aren't fun. the scene in 12 Monkeys where Bruce Willis' character is trying to stay awake long enough to get the key in the lock? that's a decent evocation of what it feels like. trying to think--when you're on a high dose of a neuroleptic--is like trying to run underwater.
    foreverdroneon September 13, 2008   Link

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