My painted face, I'm a clown,
and I'm laughing while my dream turns into a nightmare,
Fade away, I'm asleep
Not too deep...

The walls of night have left me scarred
The broken glass I stepped on, twice,
The ardent spirits' rusty edge, decapitate me...

I can't sleep, fear darkness
Go through the motions, did I fall asleep?
I'm bowling, the old nine pins, a sign unwanted...

Now I'm a target, I'm hot and frozen,
Stormy rain I'm stuck in an elevator
[wet from the muddy water]
Breathing hot air, winds convey me...

The number talks and I cry in my own Hell....
Wide awake, I'm alseep, see a friend as a ghost

I'm skating with a seal,
The tarantula, the fly, the broken ring
The dusty little flea,
An ugly giant, a disappointed child

Here comes a rabid snake
The broken violin, a wild ballet
Shakespeare and company
refuse to kill the kitten scratching me...

[I'm falling, I'm falling]
I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling... - awake

You know, if you believe the dreams,
the nightly visions, worlds entwined,
Then you also fear your shadow, paranoia, part two...

All the good things in my life dwell in my mind
Took a wrong lane, every day, I hear myself say
Sickening's this feeling, my life, my hopes,
My dream's but a drop of fuel for a nightmare

They all turn out the same,
My destiny, my flame
Believing is control?

The painting comes alive,
Takes me inside a world without a name,
A place beyond compare

Believe the dreams that let you sleep
The broken glass you need to sweep
The book you read, if you found an explanation
To help you in any way,
You are your own prison.

Woke up today,
The good and the bad and the ugly dreams are gone
...jumped off the carousel

Lyrics submitted by SergeF2007

My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare song meanings
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    General Commenttony said that it's about the bad omens that you see in dreams....he even made a little research about them when he was writting this song.....heh he
    and Kezia123 sonata arctica aren't boring!!!! they couldn't be even if they tried....
    crimson_sonataon July 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm not a native English speaker and I'm pretty young, so I probably misunderstood this song (and sorry for any grammatical mistakes I might have made), but I think it's about a man who can't control his own feelings.

    He feels depressed, but he does not act like that to the outside world. He lives in a happy dream, but because he's actually very sad, that dream turns into a nightmare for him. The happy outside world is like a kitten scratching him, and his life is like a theater piece. His friends aren't real friends, they are weak translucent ghosts haunting his nightmare. He isn't actually dreaming, but his life is like a dream.
    Metaphorically, he looks in a mirror to see himself, but that mirror breaks. He steps on the broken glass of that mirror - he cuts his feet with the ruins of his own life, the broken glass, which means he cannot handle his life. He tries to avoid it, but he can't, he steps on the broken glass twice.

    Also, he literally dreams about his mask of happiness. He dreams about all kinds of happy things and he tries to believe those dreams. He tries to believe the 'happy painting', but it just isn't reality. He is stuck in himself, he is his own prison. The dream turns into a wild ballet. The few good parts of his life (the parts he uses to pretend everything is going well) and the *real* bad parts get mixed together. His dream turns into a nightmare, he tries to kill himself in his dream, he jumps, he falls, he expects to die, then he wakes up again to continue living in his non-existing happy life.

    It's impossible to live in such a bad dream, so in the end, he actually commits suicide by jumping off the carousel. That colourful carousel is pretended to be his so-called good life, and it finally kills him.
    Nielson February 13, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningEverything written here is my own interpretation. You might or might not agree with me.

    Basically this song is about a man who cannot control his own life.
    He is depressed, but wears a mask of happiness, which makes him a clown. In the song his “dream” can be interpreted as a nightmare — or his life. We’ll take a closer look at that.

    As he falls asleep, his dream turns into a nightmare and he steps twice on the broken glass he attempts to avoid. He cuts his feet with the ruins of his own life, which he cannot avoid neither handle. He does not want to sleep and he fears the darkness. He doesn’t want to face his nightmares, which means he wants to escape the problems in his life. Eventually he falls asleep though, and we’re presented with many paradoxes describing a nightmare, in where his friends are haunting him as ghosts. His nightmare turns into a wild ballet as everything is mixed together, and soon he wakes up to face his life.

    After he awakes he can’t tell dream from reality, which means that his life is like a nightmare — it’s ruined. He keeps thinking about the good things in life that he ruined, and that everything he does is wrong. He cannot undo the things he has done. As he is drawn into the nightmare again, it becomes his reality.

    Now he is aware that he has to sweep the broken glass, but he just can’t do it. He can’t fix his own life, and he realises that his body is his own prison. To escape the nightmare, he commits suicide, and that is described by him waking up and jumping off the carousel, ending all the good, bad and the ugly dreams.
    kirrereron May 02, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthis song its so great i like it so much

    and i dunno what means,
    i think and its obviously its talking about someone who is sleeping and in the dream that is turning into a nightmares he is in dream that he don't know if he is sleep or awake
    "I can’t sleep, fear darkness
    Go through the emotions,
    Did I fall asleep?"
    and all the next part are so confusing its all like a crazy nightmare

    after that he awake "Falling, falling...I'm falling,
    I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling awake" and i think he is thinking about the dream after that there are a part i can't understand
    and finally he says that only believe in the dreams that let you sleep i think he is saying believe in your dreams not in your nightmares

    i dunno if its wrong all i can understand its that.
    PrinceDhampiron June 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell, Crimson is right...
    They interviewed Tony, and he said its about bad omens.
    OneTimeForAllon July 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song kinda describes Gaara from Naruto if ya ask me..and these lyrics could use editing lol
    Sonata6on August 17, 2007   Link
  • -1
    General CommentSomeone watches a liiiitle too much Naruto.

    Seems to me about people who believe signs in dreams and skepticism about omens in dreams and stuff.
    Ninji-Xon October 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis sone is awsome ! sonata arctica are usually boring after a few songs, but this song is diffrent from everything i've heard from them before, and i liked it.
    Kezia123on June 15, 2007   Link

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