Tes lacets sont des fées, tu marches dessus
Tu les laisses traîner, tu marches dessus
Mes lacets sont des fées, je marche dessus
Je les laisse traîner, je marche dessus
C’est dommage d’écraser de si jolies fées
Je n’arrive jamais à les attraper
Avant de tomber (Avant de tomber)
Avant de tomber (De me tomber)
Oh oui, ah oui, laisse tomber
Tes lacets sont des fées, je t’embrasse dessus
Tu es vraiment têtu, j’embrasse dessus
Regarde ce que tu fais, tu lèches mes lacets
C’est parce que tu es une si jolie fée
Trop bien à embrasser, oh oui
J’ai cru mourir de joie la dernière fois
Que je t’ai vu voler à côté de moi
Mais quelle dernière fois je ne me souviens pas
On s’embrassait en plein ciel, au-dessus du ciel
Ah oui, ah oui, ah oui, je ne me souviens pas
Tu ne te souviens pas
J’ai décroché mon ombre pour mieux t’enlacer
T’as décroché ton ombre pour mieux m’enlacer
Encore un peu plus près et tu disparais
Ah oui, ah oui
Ah oui, ah oui, et tu disparais
Quand tu disparais, moi je disparais
Quand tu disparais, moi je disparais
Oh, oui
Tes lacets sont des fées, tu marches dessus

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Tes Lacets Sont Des Fées song meanings
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    This song is amazingly catchy, I can't believe no one knows about this band. Well actually, it's pretty easy to believe since they are French. But this song is really cute. The music video is nice too.
    deletemeon August 31, 2008   Link
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    I'm learning french so just by surfing in Ytube found this cool song it seems to me more like some type of ska. I barely Understand this song but I hope someone could translate for us. Estoy aprendiendo Francés asi que solo por surfear en Ytube encontré esta canción cool que me parece más algún tipo de Ska. Apenas le entiendo pero espero que alguien pueda traducirla por nosotros.
    chrisaioliaon September 01, 2008   Link
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    It's not really ska at all, and the band themselves aren't really ska. This song is a bit different from their other stuff. I got this translation from youtube actually, maybe you should have spent more time looking there. This is from moonmonster1066 on youtube. "Your laces are fairies (sounds like "your laces are undone"), and you walk above. You let them drag behind, and you go above. (My laces are fairies, etc.) It's a shame to crush such pretty fairies I never can catch them Before I fall... ..Before you fall (Before I fall) Oh yes, oh yes, let's fall. Your laces are fairies, I kiss you up above You're truly stubborn, I hug you up above Look what you're doing - you're licking my laces! It's because you're such a pretty fairy So good to kiss, oh yes. I thought I'd die that last time I saw you flying by my side (But what last time? I don't remember) We kissed in midair, at the top of the sky (Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I don't remember!) You don't remember? I took off my shadow to wrap you up better You took off your shadow to wrap me up better Any closer and you would disappear Oh yes... And you disappeared (Oh yes)...etc When you disappeared, I disappeared When you disappeared, I disappeared Your laces are fairies, and you walk above"
    deletemeon September 02, 2008   Link
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    Thank you very much! I also listened to some other songs and they are really different from what ska is - I guess I'm really into their music. All Catchy & Cool - must-checkout songs.
    chrisaioliaon September 12, 2008   Link

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