Cry for help...

Once I got caught in an avalanche,
I must have died,
When a Black Swan flew to the rescue and cried
An offer I could not refuse, now I'm working on the other side.

Well, I flew with the bird then, we flew all night
And I got to see my prison from a thousand feet high
buy me a drink, and I tell you
'bout the Black Swan

Must keep those black wings folded, until the time is right, to find the one whom I can steal
a soul from, to buy more time
Must keep my secrets untold, until the wrongs are right, the only one I could deceive,
I buy my time; need you to fly on the Black Swan

The date is set, we all must face it
Door to door, seeking salvation
--- I must, for die I wish not
My hopes stay afloat when you give in to the
Silver lining, sharp and so cold
anger fades into a vague smile
---you see, I'm ready to do it for everyone
I stabbed you in the back, who will save you now...

Don't worry, I've done this before
It'll hurt like hell and leave you sore
No use escaping, hold on to your ticket of gold
and close your eyes...

One day I know you will sell your soul
And trade all you are for silver and gold...
You'll get an odd advice from a stranger
Take it, from me, with love...

Once I was in love with someone like you, Engaged to be whole,
got torn out of your memories, covered in snow...

I need to find a way to pass on the gift I once received
I'm ready to face it...
I'll take my chances, if I am
returning to the deep
dark snow grave, so be it
I-should-not-rest-now...but forever!
I'll feed... - the ferryman's creed.
with an empty promise for my lost soul...

Must keep those black wings folded, until the darkest night
a soul from you to buy me some time

pouring boiling water on a solid frozen flower
Black nailed finger of the creator

I take a bow, thank for this opportunity
But I've given the last ride for all those close to kin

Must keep those black wings folded, until the time is right, to find the one whom I can steal
a soul from, to buy more time
Must keep my secrets untold, until the wrongs are right, the only one I could deceive,
I served my time, need you to fly with the Black Swan

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    General CommentMy opinion is not connected to mythology, though. I think it's metaphorical and that the speaker was an agent of some sort, who was caught in an "avalanche" by his enemies. The offer he could not refuse is, IMHO, to become a double agent for them, because they hold something dear to him (?). So he "steals souls" from his own agency - maybe killing operatives or sending the Enemy secure data, to buy more time for his life, or they will kill him.
    Of course, my interpretation leaves the second half of the song mostly untranslated and it's probably not true... But that was just my impression when I read the lyrics.
    TheRealLumoson October 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the constellation Cygnus and the mythology around it. Cygnus used to be seen as the location of heaven and the black swan was the soul carrier, taking those who had died to their rightful place.
    So a man died in an avalanche, the black swan came to collect his swan but made a deal with him instead to collect souls for him and he became a swan as well.

    It's a very interesting song, I love the mythology behind it. Pretty sounding as well.
    Vardenon July 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is difficult to interpret, as there seems to be so much going on in it at one time.

    The obvious part is that a man dies in an avalanche, and since he's so afraid to die he cuts a deal with the "Black Swan", or as the last poster said, Cygnus. However, this transforms him into a soul-ferrying swan, and he later realizes that it's more of a curse than a gift and realizes he needs to pawn off his job on someone else, even if that means that he'll truly die.

    The things I'm unsure of are whether or not the man becomes just another Black Swan, or replaces Cygnus himself, as well as Cygnus' actual gender; this confusion is brought on by the verse about the man's engagement, and I figure the only "you" he could be talking about is Cygnus, in which case the original Black Swan is actually a woman (which is odd, because the Cygnus from mythology is a woman). Actually, every time he says "you" I become confused.

    As well, there might be slight perspective-changes within the song; "One day I know you'll sell your soul". Is this Cygnus talking about our sorry protagonist, or the dude himself talking about some other person? If so, who?

    Confusing song, awesome song. I love it.
    Drasianaon November 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDrasiana, the "you" in that verse is the "you" who bought him the drink. I'm pretty sure that he (the narrator) became a/the black swan, (Grim Reaper/Cygnus/Whatever), or thinks he did and is now telling this story in a pub somewhere. And the "you" from both of those verses is the "you" from the very last line... who then becomes the black swan.
    Koholoson November 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe first time I heard this song it confused me, some parts of it sound almost vampiric ("steal a soul from to buy more time", "to pass on the gift I once received", "It'll hurt like hell and leave you sore", "my lost soul"). I can't help but think the narrator knows very well the man in the pub and even has feelings for him ("you see, I'm ready to do it for everyone", "I know you will sell your soul", "I was in love to someone like you" "But I've given the last ride for all those close to kin"), though was forgotten by him after dying on said avalanche ("Engaged to be whole, got torn out of your memories, covered in snow..."). In fact the start of the song seems to be the narrator explaining his/her unexpected reapparition after years or even decades of being dead. It also seems the black swan also grants the heart's desire in exchange for one's soul (in the case of the Narrator it was surviving to see his/her loved ones again, in the case of the victim, becoming a rich man).

    However that's just my interpretation, since I don't know too much about Cygnus' mythology and I haven't found anything about it yet. Can anyone please elaborate on it?.
    RhoNiBetaon March 25, 2010   Link

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