Two Loose Screws boy
What you want?
What’s that?
What you wanna do?
What you talking ‘bout with that SAV?
Trying to tell you boy, pins and needles boy, pins and needles

I bet you wont, no C no I, take that there, its Two Loose combined with that Circle Takes that Square, yeah
What it is what it wasn’t
We them wild ones we them dirty dirty dozens, cousin
Like a sailor off a ship, buzzin we like to clip?
Dip and dodge, don’t run, that this shit, it’s Two Loose boy, and these hits ain’t gon’ quit
Man, every time I spit I just ask that he bless tight, it’s painful like my styles and baby momma chest bites
I’m wild out like Lil’ Kim when she sex dikes
I’m real rock I soak it up like some wet tights

Catch pain, put a needle in my stress vein, I do this for the love
Two Loose want the best change
Never reckless, smoking weed until I’m chest less,
I pimp tracks like hoes best believe I leave them breathless

Boy what you want? It the Q coming though
Can’t freestyle much but still I stake out my crew
Might stumble, boy I’m royal like the rumbles
And fuck it dog you’re like rock’s your getting tumbled
Shit drop on the toilet, like water straight boiling to the crack,
Fucking dog I used to sell that, but never no more, I ain’t gon’ play for no ho
I just want my weed to grow and want my money to flow

Now I breeze. It takes a breather every time this shit gets deeper
Deeper, within my chest veins As I spit I’m going damn insane
Spitting mad, like this, when I spit it rough, that’s how I catch this shit,
Ripping, rough, like tough enough, know when we down south we do it like this
Buzzin, cussin, jumpin, like that, and them boys getting wild in them Cadillacs
Man, 20’s, 30’s, that’s how we do them things, in the back eh? What?
Nigga you and find me hustin, scuffling, what you want to do Mr. Q is straight bustling
How you wanna come through talking that hard shit, pull your card shit?
You better calm right bitch

I tried to tell these boys they never slang like, try to tell these boys I use to hustle that ‘caine coming out the brain, freestylin and I’m hot like flames
Nigga, turnin Mr. Q insane
Fucking dog right I’ll scoop your tang

Hey man, that beat turned so fast on you

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Houdini Logic Remix (feat. Loose Screws) song meanings
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