"Anemia In Your Sheets" as written by and Jordan Robert/miller Whelan....
Found in your sheets, dead in your sleep.
I watch you drain as you're reaching for me.
No photographs left in the path.
No one will ask...where you've gone. Covered under rain and thunder.
Wash away the stains that I've created.
And I feel your heartbeat fail...
Oh, I am your worst nightmare.
No one will hear you scream

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"Anemia in Your Sheets" as written by Jordan Whelan Adrian Thomas Green

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Anemia In Your Sheets song meanings
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    General Commenthmmm...well it seems i'm the only ones who's commenting this song.well...i'm not really interested in the lyrics. its the way it's played-the melody and rhythm-it's really cool...i love still remains. i'm like a big fan of death metal sooo...yeah
    nemisis98on September 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's a metaphor about ending a relationship. When you end an important relationship, the person becomes dead, and they still "reach for you". All the photographs seem to disappear, and people don't seem to care about the fact you loved someone. You're covered under "rain and thunder", a reference to depression. The "stains i've created" are the stains from breaking up with the person. The heartbeat failing is the person losing their feeling for love.
    Gibsonfirebird12on January 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGreat great song but what is he saying in the very beginning of the song????
    Wifon March 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentalright folks this is what this song really means:
    "Easy cuts, Amenia... Found in you sheet dead in your sleep, I watch you drain as your reaching for me."
    (it's easy to cut you while you sleep, a lack of vitality(anemia))Is a referecne to killing someone while they sleep, then heartlessly watching them die as they reach out helplessly wondering why.

    "No photographs left in the path, Noone will ask where you've gone"
    is a state ment of hatred. ereaseing all ties to the person in question. making it clear their dead to him. aslo sayin that the person is more or less worthless, for some untold reason, a lazy cunt, as it were

    Thunderstorms can be dark and scary, also powerful causing a lot of distruction, a sence of rage.
    "coverd under rain and thunder, wash away the stains that I've created" (this ones not depression but more like rage)
    stains are called such because they are hard to get rid of. washing away stains is to get rid of emotions that were there for a long time.

    "And I feal Your heart beat fail"
    reiderating the fact the one in question is dead to him
    "oh I am your worste Nightmare"
    anouther reideration, this time of his hatred
    "nooe will hear you scream"
    and again reiderating the fact that the one in question is worthless, noone cares

    this is a song comprised of Hatred not depression
    Ikonoklaston September 03, 2008   Link

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