We are uninvited guests
In this melancholy world
And soon you learn
That the only thing worth to treasure,
Are the people that actually care
Then why are there still tears in your eyes?

So I'm trying to teach you something
But you turn away
So I'm trying to show you the path
But you'll walk astray
I would cross the seven seas
Just to get to you
I wouldn't sleep a thousand nights
To give what belongs to you

The token of all I was
I traded for my escape
To see a new horizon
And my burden finally rests now
In the depths of its water grave
But the waves of the river will always remember

Forever isn't long enough
In the company of you
My heart will always beat your name

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Enclave Lyrics as written by Karin Axelsson John Per Emil Bengtsson

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    General Comment
    I have not a clue what this song means, but the lyrics are just amazing. I never thought i could possibly have 'one single favourite song' because of my love for all music. But after hearing this song, it definately has to be it. I love the raw start, the rocky middle and then the soft end. Its not quite screaming, but its just as powerful. I love it.
    DeepPocketEmptyon February 18, 2009   Link
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    this song is also amazing. wow if you get a chance, look at my review of this album @ geocities.com/shatterzero/reviews/… again, sonic syndicate is amazing. obviously a love song, too.
    shatterzero666on June 08, 2007   Link
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    Indeed it is amazing. And the album is amazing. Love the cover for Tatu. Oh and this song, well he loves someone apparently and they don't listen to him. And it seems that he drowned, and the river will always remember what she meant to him. Hmmm. Maybe, am just shooting random arrows, but.. It might be about the Titanic. And yeah.
    ForeverAbandonedon June 12, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    hehe...titanic. ^^. I like this song very VERY much. It's metaphorical & it stands out from most of the other songs I've heard on eden fire or only inhuman as it's softer. But anyways here's my 2 cents on this song. =) I think it's about a person who has gained much experience in life and sees the world in a cynical POV with reference to the "melancholic world". He is trying to convince someone who he cares for to realise that the world they live in isn't all rainbows and butterflie He basically foreshadows that this person is going to make the same mistakes as himself, and is warning them to rely on those who care about you and those you care about as it's safe rather than searching for a "new horizon" which could lead that person down a dangerous, foreign and unsafe future experience, changing them completely in a bad way. BUT then the other person retorts to this idea by questioning him in: "Then why are there still tears in your eyes?" and thats when the chorus begins with the person whose warning her that going down that road (a relationship or loving someone maybe?) will only lead to loss of innocence and a depressive outlook of life and the world in general and that he's just trying to make her continue to travel down the one they already know because of it's security and familiarity. maybe it's about love and the person has had bad experience from the past in the chorus: "I WOULD CROSS THE SEVEN SEAS JUST TO GET TO YOU I WOULDN'T SLEEP A THOUSAND NIGHTS TO GIVE WHAT BELONGS TO YOU" He's saying he would go beyong his way to reach her, to be with her but he wouldn't sacrifice his "dreams" = "I wouldn't sleep a thousand nights" to give her his heart or love maybe? idk lol. anyways in the second verse. "The token of all I was I traded for my escape To see a new horizon" He's saying that the person he once was or was seen as in the eyes of others is no longer because as soon as he allowed himself to walk into unknown territory in search of a "new horizon" (maybe a relationship, love, or career), it resulted in a life changing experience must likely one which changed his perception of the world as harsh and cold. & most likely because of his curiosity and eagerness for change he regrets it as he's no longer the person who he once was emotionally and mentally. and then the last few lines "Forever isn't long enough In the company of you" He's telling her that even if they had all the time in the universe it wouldn't be enough for them to be together. "Forever My heart will always beat your name". Is a contradiction as 'forever' carries negative connotations from the precious lines, Which just means that his love for this person will not last until the end of time.
    DreamersDiseaseon January 01, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    thats a pree long 2 cents O_O...i just noticed. LMAO
    DreamersDiseaseon January 01, 2008   Link
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    I have no idea what the song truly means but my take on it is, is that the person the singer represents is a father talking to a son/daughter that he didn't intend to have. Certain lines such as, "We are uninvited guests / in this melancholy world," and the following lines suggest that is how he once viewed/views the world this way, but realized and, as suggested by the following chorus, is trying to teach his child that it's not so bad as long as you appreciate and value those who care about you. But the son/daughter, for whatever reason, can't accept this. The chorus, as well as lines following the chorus suggest to me that he's a man of real character. He may have, while seeking a new experience/horizon (drugs, sex... the taking of drugs that led to sex...), gotten someone pregnant, but unlike some men, he didn't shirk from this responsibility. He accepts what he must do and tries, in his own limited way, to do what he can and to provide. Now, he sees his son/daughter going down a similar road and is trying to teach the son/daughter not to do whatever it is he's doing, trying to show him what the right things are to do, and emphasizing that he, the father, would do anything under the sun to see that his child not follow a similar, self-limiting path such as having/causing an unintended pregnancy. I dunno. That's just the first thing that pops to my mind is. I could be off entirely. *shrug*
    Alshinon March 28, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    piano goes good with rolands voice
    SawyerDaManon September 04, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    This Song is Makes my heart beat so much. I think about my love so much Roland should have stayed
    SonicJagon September 10, 2009   Link
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    I love the song too this song hooked me on sonic. I sont care which way they go im a fan and always will be. I think there is a missed lyric here i think instead of sleep a thousand nights to give. I think it is i would slay a thousand knights to give what belongs to you. Could i get a kudos or a conformation on that.
    jbarbou3on July 08, 2010   Link
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    The definition of an enclave is: enclave - an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds So basically it's a territory that belongs to a specific culture that refuses or at least attempts to keep themselves separate from the surrounding society. For example, in Minnesota there is a huge Somalian enclave in St. Paul and they very much stick to their traditions. "We are uninvited guests In this melancholy world And soon you learn That the only thing worth to treasure, Are the people that actually care" ...this verse is basically introducing the idea that they are separating themselves from the traditional society and that they need to rely on only each other to get by. "SO I'M TRYING TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING BUT YOU TURN AWAY SO I'M TRYING TO SHOW YOU THE PATH BUT YOU'LL WALK ASTRAY" ...this set of lyrics describes their refusal to completely conform to the society around them. I have had experiences with people who are labelled a cultural enclave and these lyrics describe exactly what happened. You try to teach them, they don't want it. You try to show them, they don't want it. The way I see it, is that the person who wrote the lyrics for "Enclave" was highly educated in human geography. They were able to take something that struck them and turn it into a very moving song.
    tufafropufon February 24, 2010   Link

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