You're such a flirt, I know you hurt
And so do I, I empathize
I see you out, you never cared
A conversation that we never shared

But it's so strange, it's something new
Amazing feelings that I have for you
I close my eyes when I'm alone
Wonder what it'd be like to make you moan

I wanna give you something better
Than anything you've ever had
A stronger and a faster lover
The world it disappears so fast

Sweet Kiwi
Your juice is dripping down my chin
So please let me
Don't stop it before it begins

So give it up, and don't pretend
And spread your arms and legs across the bed
And when you shake, you won't regret
The things I whisper in your ear
(What?) I said

I wanna give you something better
(You wanna give me something better)
Than anything you've ever had
(Than anything I've ever had)
A stronger and a faster lover
(A stronger and a faster lover)
The world it disappears so fast
(It disappears so fast)

Sweet Kiwi
Your juice is dripping down my chin
So please let me
Don't stop it before it begins

I can't wait to take you home
Fingers through your hair
Kisses on your back
Scratch me with your nails
Save me from myself
Show me how to care
Get everything out
Dripping everywhere
Lipstick smeared all over your face
How much longer must we wait?
Don't think that I can wait

Sweet Kiwi
Your juice is dripping down my chin
So please let me
Don't stop it before it begins

(Hey, yeah)

Sweet Kiwi (wanna give you something better than this)
Your juice is dripping down my chin (hey)
So please let me (wanna give you something better than this)
Don't stop it before it begins

Don't stop it before it begins
Don't stop it before it begins
Don't stop it before it begins
Don't stop it before it begins

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Kiwi Lyrics as written by Adam Noah Levine Jesse Royal Carmichael

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  • +6
    General Commentumm...maybe im just a perv, but im pretty sure hes eating her out...and WELL!
    boredlikenootheron May 15, 2007   Link
  • +4
    General CommentMe and my girlfriend were listening to this (nothing dirty about that lol) and thought to ourselves that the mental guitar solo at the end, getting more and more frantic, and higher and higher could signify reaching climax...

    Anyone else get that feeling or are we reading into it too much?
    nnnnnnnnon May 27, 2007   Link
  • +4
    General CommentI like this song.
    the music is so good, i just want to dance when i here it ,
    and its about sex, obviously...
    but im gonna analyze it bit more.... cause thats what i do...
    the first 2 verses give me the impression that this is a one night stand. This is not a girl he knows very well.
    Then the chorus explains what he is going to do (or doing): sex.
    The next part is like convincing the girl to do it. ( thats when we hear the girls voice.
    Then the music picks up, and i think this is when they are kissing and rushing to the room at the same know what i mean? anyway " Lipstick smeared all over your face/How much longer must we wait./ Don’t think that I can wait"
    Then they actually do it. they repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat the chorus... and finish with a a great guitar solo that i do think represents a climax.

    well that was my interpretation.
    mlfm256on October 30, 2007   Link
  • +2
    General CommentRashida Jones (Karen from NBC's The Office) sings the female parts on this one.
    jolietjakemcflyon July 15, 2007   Link
  • +2
    General CommentWell...I was at their live show, and waiting for this song to be played. Sadly, it wasn't. They probably aren't allowed to play this song live, except for at smaller club dates.
    fsmon November 08, 2007   Link
  • +2
    My Interpretation"I close my eyes when I'm alone; Wonder what it’d be like to make you moan." These lyrics euphemistically portray the narrator masturbating when he is on his own, while fantasizing about the possibilities of the sexual pleasure he could give to the character of the second person in this sing. The word "moan" is an onomatopoeic auditory piece of imagery referring to the sound of the female character's imagined deep orgasm. However, it could be argued that this does not necessarily refer to an orgasm, just sexual pleasure in general, but no necessarily to the point of orgasmic release. The line in a later stanza, "Your juices dripping down my chin" refers to the state of foreplay taking place at the time in the present tense. The word, "juices", also is a piece of sexual imagery, while on the surface, relates to the juices or the mentioned, "sweet kiwi", the title of the song, it actually implies the fluids produces and discharge by the female's vagina, because of a high state of sexual arousal; however, some might say that this could be referring to, instead, the ejaculatory fluids squirted out of the female during an intense orgasm. This is because, other than if the male narrator is performing oral sex on the female, there is no other way which the "juices" could have reached his "chin", other than by a relatively powerful squirt of vaginal discharge fluid. Later on in the song, is sung the lines, "Get everything out Dripping everywhere." "Get everything out" could refer to one of two possibilities, both referring to the place from which "everything" is being gotten "out" of, is the female's vagina. The first possibility, is simply the male narrator's penis, because of sexual intercourse which has taken place, and they have finished, in other words, the male has already, to use a colloquialism, "come" or "ejaculated semen", to use the correct scientific vocabulary. The other possible meaning is that the male expresses that he will make the girl so aroused, that her vaginal walls will produce so much lubricating discharge fluid, that no more can be produced. However, the scientific accuracy of this could be questioned, as there may or may not become such a point which a female's vagina cannot stop producing more fluid. It could also refer to the female ejaculation, which his manual masturbation on the girl, in other words, deep fingering will be so good, that she will ejaculate as a result of the overwhelming sexual pleasure. This is significant because female ejaculations are not too common, and so-called "squirting" can only be done, according to scientific studies, but a minority of women.
    1a2b3c4d5eon July 21, 2014   Link
  • +1
    General Commenthaha oh lordy - i never really paid attention to the lyrics of this song (which is usual for me)
    i knew maroon 5 had very um.... descriptive lyrics but this takes it to a whole new level haha
    i love how blatant it is - nothing cryptic or metaphorical
    love it
    Rainmaker91on April 23, 2010   Link
  • +1
    Song MeaningI think this song is about healthy eating. Specifically, I think Adam imagines trying to convince his reluctant girlfriend to the idea that eating very raw meat ("very raw" as in "alive") can be delicious ("I wanna give you something better than anything you've ever had").

    Then, once she accepts and they both start taking bites of a live kiwi, Adam starts singing the praises of the bleeding bird ("Sweet kiwi / Your juices dripping down my chin").

    He even recalls the time he saw and bought it ("I can’t wait to take you home / Fingers through your hair / Kisses on your back")

    The bird obviously didn't enjoy being eaten ("Scratch me with your nails", "Lipstick smeared all over your face") but that's the circle of life.

    People, eat your protein.
    Alex9on February 09, 2014   Link
  • 0
    General Commentyeah that is what i get from the song, I still like the song though so..... yeah draw your own conclusion.
    Coldstreakon May 18, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General, i hate this song on principle, only cause I listen to maroon 5 to avoid the blatant gross.

    i'm pretending it's not on the cd, haha
    banerkblueon May 21, 2007   Link

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