In the park there's a wicker made plane
That crashed down just the other day
The pilot had lost his way
Got disoriented and crash landed in the middle of the city
He'd never seen buildings so tall
And wondered why they even didn't never lean over and fall
And wondered how he managed to navigate through them all
Like he did

But oh how they seemed to lean over him now
as if to peer down on the broken scene
As if to question the innocent invasion of the stranger
brought down in the hurricane

He said
Wherever I am Lord, please you must explain
Just hours I took off in my wicker plane

Night fell, and with it came the rain
Down on the buildings, the pilot, the plane
Rain ran down his hair hanging so low
Making circles in the puddles where the drops would go

Little boy came along
Took him to a tree on a gentle slope
Said "This tree is a misfit like you and me,
On rainy nights like this the bark comes off like rope"
They bundled up the bark each took a load
Took it to the high rise where the little one lived
Tossed it down to the park with a mighty throw
And watched it unroll to the ground, round
The pilot ran down tied the bark to the prop
Then promptly left the park to go back to the top
There they hauled the plane clear up to the roof
The boy said the place you come from that's where I'll be from too

Wherever I am Lord, please you must explain
Just hours ago I was taking off in my wicker (wicker)
Wicker plane

Now you're in a lovely garden
It's such a lovely garden
Now you're in a lovely garden
It's such a lovely garden
Now you're in a lovely garden

Wherever I am lord
I know where I am lord
Wherever I am lord
I know where I am lord

Wherever I am Lord, please you must explain
Just hours ago I was taking off in my wicker (wicker) wicker (wicker) plane
Just hours ago I was taking off in my wicker (wicker) wicker (wicker) plane

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Wicker Plane song meanings
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    General CommentOMG sooo good can't wait for new album
    supernukeon July 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti have no clue what this one is about, but i luv it. also can't wait for the new album
    platnumben09on August 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentChristian Propaganda .
    collegeguy666on September 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAll I understand is that theres an old man whos flying a little plane through some city, and has never seen skyscrapers or anything and accidentally crashes his plane. I don't really understand much after that. I think theres probably some deeper meaning to it though.

    Might I add that I'm so excited to see them on October 4th in Vermont
    weeeehawon September 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBasically what i got from this was that there was a pilot, crashed in a city, broke his plane. Then, if you look at the lyrics of the YOTC version its pretty obvious that the boy he meets helps him fix his plane with the rope from the tree, and when the pilot leaves the scene for a second, and the boy takes off in the plane and tells the pilot "wherever you came from, thats where i'm going."

    However, there's probly a more analyitical meaning. I kinda got the impression that the pilot crashed his plane, and the city was hell maybe? Its probly wrong but i'm pretty stumped...
    20daysBlamePoliticoon October 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI seriously doubt that there's any Christian meaning to the song. (Especially considering that they edited the image on the CD cover to get rid of the cross on the crow's bible; just to get rid of the Christian symbolism. [I saw an interview on where Chad talked about this.]) I think the verse (where you're probably getting that from) "Wherever I am Lord" is using God's name more like in Railway (by Dispatch; "oh Lord, I think I heard you"); more as an expression rather than to convey any religious meaning.

    I think that verse may be showing the pilot's reaction to the city. (Basically he's in awe of what he's seeing, so he's thinking something like "oh my God, where am I" or "only the Lord knows where I am.")

    About the song itself:

    I am given the feeling that this song is talking about technology; like how fast we're making technological advances nowadays and how these new advances are clashing with the "old ways" of people in third-world countries. Like the "wicker-made plane" could be representing the "old fashioned" technology. The part of the song where he "crash landed in the middle of the middle of the city", could be talking about how abruptly new technological advances are changing the world we live in. The line "just hours ago I took off in my wicker-made plane" would then be talking about just how quickly this is happening.

    The line "this tree is a misfit like you and me" is obviously talking about the environment. (They're saying that the fact that the tree is growing in the middle of the city is just as unusual as the guy still using "archaic" technology and the kid who is helping him out.)

    So if the stuff I said above is true, then the meaning of the song would be something like "we need to stop focusing on making technological advances for advancements sake" (The part of the song where the pilot "wonders why they didn't lean over and fall" [about the buildings] could be a metaphor for this, talking about all the "bad" ways that our technology could affect us if something goes wrong. [For example you could look at WWI, where so much carnage came out of people not really knowing what to do with all the rapid advancements in military and weapons technology.]

    I'm not 100% sure that that's right (actually I think it could be horribly wrong), but that's what the song seems to say to me. I also don't really know what the rest might mean, either.
    ManInTheHallon November 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with ManInTheHall, its just the last line that is kinda confusing
    "The boy said the place you come from that's where I'll be from too"
    any ideas? Is it as simple as him sayin he is from the past as well? or maybe from the time when nature was predominant? ie the pilots time.
    musicwithamessageon January 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think ManInTheHall's thoughts are pretty dead on.

    As for the line "The boy said the place you come from that's where I'll be from too", personally I think this means that after "just a few hours" of flying on the wicker plane (a symbolization for being behind the times), the boy will find himself in the same position as the pilot, lost in a world that feels foreign to him. I think the point of this is that society is changing too rapidly to keep up with, to the point where it alienates the people who can't keep up, or don't want to.

    As for the ending, "Now you're in a lovely garden, it's such a lovely garden", and "Wherever I am Lord, I know where I am Lord", I'm not really sure what it means but I'll take a shot. It seems to me that the pilot is in a garden, but doesn't know exactly where he is. However, he says "I know where I am Lord, because the garden is something that is familiar to him, unlike the skyscrapers and the city that is foreign to him. He says, "It's such a lovely garden" because he he feels comfortable there and he enjoys living in a more natural world, uninterrupted by all of the technological advances that are basically forced upon people living in modern society.

    So in the end, I think it is meant to show how fast the world is changing, and how society imposes these changes upon people who may not even want to live in a technological world, and as a result they feel alienated in the very world they live in.
    yankees27on July 24, 2011   Link
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    General Commentfact: This song is about a boy in a society where he feels out of place. The pilot is not real. The boy thinks hes helping the pilot go home. Jumps off a cliff at the end unintentionally committing suicide. An interesting point is that he may have felt more in place while he was hallucinating and helping the pilot. I would even argue to say he went to his "heaven" when he died.
    jinfer92on March 14, 2013   Link

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