When I woke up this afternoon
I knew I felt uneasy.
But no matter what I'd do
Nothing seemed to please me.
I couldn't get out of my head
That little fight we had last night.
Though I would much rather be dead
Than admit to myself
That you were right.
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Don't be silly,
Turn on Billie.
She's singing us to sleep
So we can dream our lives away.
And if we wake up in full makeup,
We'll paint the town blue
'cause baby, red is so passe.

Now don't look at me that way.
You know I just can't take it.
And no matter what they say
I know that we will make it.
Cause when we are good, we're grand
But when we're bad we are very bad.
But I stick around 'cause the love
That you're giving me is the best
I've ever had.
Oh, oh, oh, oh


And it's funny to me,
The way that things have worked out.
There's no doubt (in my mind)
That you can't recall
What this all was about.
So let's give it up.

Love me sweetly and completely
Come and sit beside me
'Cause you know I need you near.
When you're wheelin'
With that feelin'
We'll paint the town pink
'Cause baby, red is so last year.


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Turn on Billie Lyrics as written by Catherine Eleanor Pierce Allison Margaret Pierce

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    General CommentI think Billie is Billie Holiday. Perhaps.
    shaylaaajaneeeon July 07, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionThis song in my opinion... is about being in a relationship with someone, this person knows they're wrong often times while the other person is right but at the same time they work so very well together that it's worth the fight. No matter who's telling them they can do better than each other. Basically the narrative is saying we can work through this, we'll get by, let's do something others just don't have the guts for.

    Or maybeee... Billie wants to drop the narrative and this person believes that they're meant to be while Billie keeps questioning everything. Allowing the narrative to whisper in their ear while they get that feeling again? It's time to go out and prove what it's all about.
    Reedstaron May 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Reedstar, the couple can make it with a few fights along the way - afer all, no fights at all would be plain boring.

    The general feel of the song is so fantastic. Gotta love the backing vocals and the video.
    shelly247on August 11, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdefinitely a reference to billie holiday
    lindsaylouwhoon May 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentPersonally, I feel like this song is, as the people above have stated, about a couple that fights a lot. They love each other, and they don't want to give up on it. The chorus would probably be a reference to Billie Holiday's music calming them down so they'd have made up by the time they were done listening. Then they'd have fun and paint the town blue, like the little hipster couple that they are.
    I think the bridge that begins "It's funny," is basically talking about how they don't even remember what they fight about, so they should stop fighting altogether.
    Lolol. Idk if that was clear? Just my thoughts on the matter! xx
    jayceetomlinsonon May 31, 2012   Link

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