"Follow The Leader" as written by and Heidi Rojas Carl Martin Emanuel Ryden....
It’s follow the leader, baby
That’s how it’s gonna be
If you ever really wanna get lost
Then follow me

Follow the leader

We’re in a solar system
Together and alone
The bills, the smoke, the furniture
The happy home

Now you can follow your gut
Or you can follow the past
But if you knew an eclipse was coming
Why’d you even ask?

Follow the leader

Ghost verse -
(there’s brighter days ahead
I’ve seen them on tv
Word is there’s something big
Hidden up their sleeve)

So maybe it gets quiet
And maybe it gets numb
At least then there’s still something
To share with someone

Follow the leader

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    General CommentI agree with it being an amazing song. But I don't think this is a happy song at all, I guess if you could say focusing on the good as seeing that everyone in that song is miserable but they are miserable together.
    What I take from this song is follow the lost unhappy leader and they will take you with them but hey at least everyone will be unhappy together.
    "if you ever really wanted to get lost then follow me." to -->
    "the bills the smoke the furniture the happy home." (sarcastic happy home)
    "so maybe it gets quiet
    and maybe it gets numb
    at least then there's still something
    to share with someone." (lets be miserable together)

    mirffieon August 31, 2011   Link
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    General Commentjust an amazing song.
    i think it's about holding on, and focusing on the good things, rather than the bad.
    probably wayyy off but that's what i get from this.
    "So maybe it gets quiet
    And maybe it gets numb
    At least then there’s still something
    To share with someone".
    blameyourself.on August 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song. I think it is about a couple going through a very rough time in their marriage. I think the wife just told him she is having an affair with someone else...and she is trying to decide between her husband and the other guy. The singer is saying...follow the leader...choose whoever is the frontrunner, but you should choose me...cause i'm the one who loves you. "if you ever really want to get lost, then follow me". He is thinking to himself, i hear that couples can get through something like this....but he is doubtful. He is very miserable thinking about it. But he still wants her. He is saying PICK ONE, I"m not perfect, "I said what i said what i said" ...pick one, wanting her deep down to pick him, but he is depressed and can't even think about it.
    marthaflatleyon July 03, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics they have posted are not correct. But the song I think focuses on a couple fighting through a tough patch in the relationship. They were just going through the flow of it all and pretending everything was ok. He still loved her but was unsure of her feelings for him and it terrifies him that she could see something or someone else. If you knew a eclipse was coming why'd you even ask? It's a sad song about a crumbling love, kind of like walking to the edge of the world by marilyn Manson.
    kmitch0410on October 28, 2019   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song as always. Sounds a bit different from his older stuff but I still love it.
    Labrieon May 12, 2007   Link

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