On a dilemma between what I need and what I just want
Between your thighs I feel a sensation
How long can I resist the temptation?
I've got my bird, you've got your man
So who else do we need, really?

Now I'm here, I may as well put my other hand in yours
While we decide how far to go and if we've got time to do it now
And if it's half as good for you as it is for me
Then you won't mind if we lie down for a while, just for a while
Till all the thing I want is need
You are the thing I are, I knew

I want you more than ever now
We're on the floor, and you want more, and I feel almost sure
That cause now we've agreed, that we got what we need
Then all the thing us needs is wanting

I realized when I saw you last
We've been together now and then
From time to time - just here and there
Now I know how it feels from my hair to my heels
To have you haunt the horns of my dilemma
- Oh! Wait a minute! -

Over - Up - Over - Up - ... Down
Down - Over - Up - Over - ... Up

Living can be lovely, here in New York State
Ah, but I wish that I were home
And I wish I were home again - back home again, home again

There are places and people that I'm so glad to have seen
Ah, but I miss the trees, and I wish that I were home again
Back home again

The sun shines here all summer
Its nice cause you can get quite brown
Ah, but I miss the rain - ticky tacky ticky
And I wish that I were home again - home again, home again...

Living is easy here in New York State
Ah, but I wish that I were home again

Just before we go on to the next part of our song
Let's all make sure we've got the time
Music-making still performs the normal functions -
background noise for people scheming, seducing, revolting and teaching
That's all right by me, don't think that I'm complaining
After all, it's only leisure time, isn't it?

Now I love your eyes - see how the time flies
She's learning to hate, but it's just too late for me
It was the same with her love
It just wasn't enough for me
But before this feeling dies
Remember how distance can tell lies!

You can almost see her eyes, is it me she despises or you?
You're awfully nice to me and I'm sure you can see what her game is
She sees you in her place, just as if it's a race
And you're winning, and you're winning
She just can't undertsand that for me everything's just beginning
Until I get more homesick
So before this feeling dies, remember how distance tells us lies...

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Moon in June Lyrics as written by Robert Wyatt

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    General CommentIt´s a very very pleasure listen Moon in june. High aprove for first soft machine listeners. Enjoy!
    elliott smithon February 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt is partly a medley of Soft Machine's older songs and other related stuff, or at least lyrically it is.

    The "Now I love your eyes - see how the time flies" verse is from "You Don't Remember"

    The section about living in New York reflects the end of their US tour with Hendrix when the band split and Wyatt stayed in America considering a solo career before deciding he missed the trees and the rain!

    In the final section he sings a few lyrics of former Soft Machine member Kevin Ayers' songs. There's a bit of The Hat Song - "You say you like my shirt, you say you like my hat, but you never say that you like me or anything nice like that". This may have summed up some of Robert Wyatt's feelings about the band. This was his last major contribution to Soft Machine as he gradually parted company with the others' vision of the band. Similarly, Ayers' lyrics from Singing A Song in the Morning show a tendency to prefer the original formula of songs with proper words, even if they didn't mean very much.

    It has so many of the ingredients that made early Soft Machine great - the humour, the way Robert Wyatt could sing something almost mundane about the nature of the song, something nonsensical (or pataphysical) or something with meaning. "Oh wait a minute!"

    It's worth knowing that Robert Wyatt recorded nearly all of the sung part on his own - all drums, bass and keyboards. Then just at the end of this section, Hugh Hopper's fuzz bass kicks in and Mike Ratledge goes off on a massive solo which kicks more arse than anything he did since.
    light vesselon July 28, 2010   Link

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