Let's go!

Walkin' down the street on a Tuesday night
And I'm feelin' good, yeah, I feel alright
But I'm tryin' hard not to pull a switch
On some drunk frat punk and this stupid BU-bitch

Don't wanna get in a fight
But I'm easy to excite
Not a motherfuckin' cop in sight, oh

Sing whoa, fuck the Kells
Whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells
There's more jocks outside than the motherfuckin' NFL
Say, whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells

Well everybody's been there once, yeah, no doubt
But raise your hand if you didn't get thrown out
Well they said somethin' 'bout my lack of class
Well, you can take this bar and shove it up your fucking ass

Yeah you got some world-renowned
It's not the only bar in town
It's just the first that I've burned down

Sing whoa, fuck the Kells
Whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells
Fuck you, fuck your mom
Fuck your whole entire clientele
Singin, whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells

Whoa, fuck the Kells
Whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells
Whoa, fuck the Kells
Whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells

Whoa, fuck the Kels
Whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kels
Rise up rock city
Now it's time to raise some hell

Singin' whoa-oo-oh, fuck the Kells

Well let's burn this fucker down

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    Kittielover666on May 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentduude, vagiant and riot grrl go together like martinis and friday nights!
    this song is simple... a tought riot girl looking for a good time. she tries realll hard to be on her best behaviour and stay out of trouble, but when she gets herself kicked out of the bar she just stop her self from burning that motherfucking bar down. it's an anthem for all riot grrls that just wanna have a good night out jumping frat boys and burning down bars!!! WHOA-OO-OH FUCK THE KELLS!!!
    Zombie_Eateron January 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHaha, riot grrl? Yeah right.

    This band was formed via a company wide memo to the SOFTWARE COMPANY these women worked at, harmonix, the song was created for guitar hero 2.

    They are POSERS. The song is a lie. They are not 'riot grrls' (what a stupid term that is), no, they are a joke, formed by a video game company.
    harmonix3434on March 11, 2011   Link

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