Deep inside my heart and it's splintered at its core
Molden curdle of milken puddle
Dreams of warm breasts settling in my mouth
To be my spouse make a bale and a house
Apple tree, drunken brawl domesticly
Dirty dog dusty pawed bloody nose roses embroidered sheets
Dangle like women in the breeze on a line above the yard
In my heart a flower dies slow like a campfire covered
In piss mellow like a snow fall
Mellow like snow fall

Raphael you know just how
To take me in the swimming pool
Like a child being baptized
Beneath the starry sky we lie
Drowning in your watery thighs
Luscious eyed you a teenage player
In my heard an island sinks slow
Tears fall in the kitchen sink O
Don't speak I can hear you
Don't speak I can hear you

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    General Comment
    I love this song, I think like a lot of cocorosie lyrics, its meaning is somewhat ambiguous and that you can take a lot of different meanings from it. For me, the song is dreadfully sad and somewhat horrific. I definitely think Raphael is an angelic reference, but i think it refers to wanting someone to save you, heal you, like the person in the song is broken, and she is willing to believe that the very next person can be her savior, look past all their faults, deny reality, simply because she needs someone to help her. There's definitely desire here, but a taint as well, maybe in terms of 'In my heart a flower dies slow like a campfire covered' its like giving in, maybe to sex, maybe to desire, and not really being okay with it, like still feeling bad. Maybe similar the transition into adulthood, like 'like a child being baptized', about learning about sex, and what it means (good and bad) to be 'grown up'. I just feel uneasy listening to this song, I guess. It's not a nice kind of love, it reminds me so much about an abusive relationship, 'Apple tree, drunken brawl domesticly Dirty dog dusty pawed bloody nose roses embroidered sheets' or 'Tears fall in the kitchen sink, don't speak, I can hear you.' and that makes me unhappy. I guess. Still such an incredibly beautiful song, I could love it for the line 'Raphael you know just how, to take me in the swimming pool'
    HEYBeenTryingToMEETyouon August 14, 2010   Link
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    'Tears fall in the kitchen sink O Don't speak I can hear you' Haunting. Understanding someone without needing them to express themselves aloud.
    claudel22on December 18, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    Girl from a broken home who tries to escape that world by having loveless sex with guys who sleep around.
    Kworbon June 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    I think the song is about the discrepancy between what the protagonist's mind and heart want. He/she feels a certain scorn for all this 'bloody nose & rose embroidered' stuff called relationships, and even admits his/her incapacity for them for the heart is 'splintered at its core'. And at the same time he/she still longs for and eventually involves into an affair with a girl (yes, it is a girl:'dreams of warm breasts settling n my mouth', 'drowning in your watery thighs' - never ever heard such a sensual description of desiring a woman). But in spite of all exaltation and lyricism the things remain the same, and 'don't speak I can hear you' doesn't mean understanding without words. It is rather 'don't speak, lest I hear you and see who you are, and all my delusive happiness will vanish'
    yellavethon August 07, 2010   Link
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    I also think it's about domestic violence. After getting married, I guess this person's life is going down the drain.
    othatzsokewlon May 21, 2009   Link
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    you really cant 'for sure know the meaning of this song unless you get a biblical base meaning of the name Raphael because obviously the name is significant since its used as the title and in one of the verses in this song.. *taking a different approach* since Raphael, in chritianity and other religions, was known for healing, then i think that the speaker was already hurt before she started this relationship with the beginning half describes the pain she was already feeling..she ends up dating a guy who is known for healing, perhaps a broken heart?. she cant help but feel the "warmth" of his presence and his soul. i think that she finds him to be perfect in everyway and she feeds into everything about him, "you know just how To take me in the swimming pool" and "Drowning in your watery thighs". she doubting the fact that, after all the pain she's suffered, this guy could be perfect when she says "Luscious eyed you a teenage player"... idk i could be wrong but at least i have a different view on things..u may agree with some of it though..
    uspeak2slowon August 14, 2009   Link
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    so, 1st off, to understand this song, you have to realize that Bianca Cassady (the singer) openly identifies herself as queer. That being said, I believe this song is about a girl who is in love with another girl. "Dreams of warm breasts settling in my mouth" this kind of says it outright, but it goes on to say "to be my spouse, make a babe and a house" (btw it is babe not bale) so this leads me to believe that this song is not only about lesbian love, but about the girl realizing that allthough she may be in love with this other girl, she will never be able to have the normal "apple pie" lifestyle with a home and a family. Let's face it, that sort of white picket fence, suburban life is very hetero-centric. So my best guess is that this song is about a girl who is having a relationship of sorts with another girl, but realizes that they can never have a life together.
    RoisinDubhon March 02, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    this is my favourite song off the new album, hands down.
    fleshetteson May 01, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    Its really hard to say what most cocorosie songs are 'about'. This one is beautiful but opaque as usual. I love the lines 'dangle like women' and 'in my heart a flower dies slow.' I think this song touches on the link between domesticity and feminity, possible domestic violence, and some kind of spiritual/sexual vision (I think raphael is an angel?)
    greenbeanson July 30, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    This is the third comment? Favorite song on the album, after Animals and Werewolf. I think this song is very straight-forward, at least in my "intepretation"- teens starting to discover love despite the fact they live domestic violence and I think it's also trying to describe the first fall. Sexual references, broken hearts, the rush of "love". This song is simply beautiful.
    stentorianon October 16, 2007   Link

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