I can't hear what you're saying
Just keep the music playing
It all sounds the same to me

Good God please have mercy
Let's kick the machine till it's working
Everybody's got a great idea
Do you own the one you're encouraging
There's a first time for everything
After that it starts to get confusing
Hold onto your identities loosely
At least the revolution will be amusing

Word of mouth
This is what everybody's talking about
So you can tell somebody to tell somebody
That the next new thing is the same old thing

We came and we quickly left
We took what we could get
I guess we weren't impressed
We bored ourselves instead
What's after what's next
What's left to get off your chest
Walking in circles retracing steps
How many ways can we package the concept
Mundane it's all the same
Remind me later when nothing's changed
Time will tell let the future explain
Until then we''ve got history to make
Trend-setters real go-getters
Closed-minded free-thinking hipsters
Instant classics adored by critics
It's just music for the kids

Word of mouth
This is what everybody's talking about
So you can tell somebody to tell somebody that
What''s happening has already happened again

Of course you've heard this before
What are you trying to figure out
Too much time on your hands
To analyze what doesn't count
What's wrong with everyday people
They make the best crowd
It was never that important
And the future doesn't care about your

Word of mouth
This is what everybody's talking about
So you can tell somebody to tell somebody
That what's happening has already happened again


Word of mouth
This is what everybody's talking about
Familiarity breeds content
Are you content like me'

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Word of Mouth Lyrics as written by Seth Alan Earnest John Reuben Zappin

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    General Comment
    I think dylanagibson is right on. i just watched a TV informercial on the music of the 60's, and they were saying the same things musicians say now. it's all about rebelling against the system and doing what feels right. It's come to the point now that the media (not just music but movies, TV, etc.) is working overtime to package the same concept 40 years later. I love "hold on to your identities loosely". its like, MTV and the whole media has this image they want everyone to copy. right now it's the surfer/skateboarder/dont-really-care-about-rules person. thats why we all wear ripped polo shirts or shirts from a surf shop (even tho we live hundreds of miles from the ocean) and flip flops or dirty blue jeans and skater shoes. but when the media decides to change, we all have to change our identities too. therefore, we hold on to them loosely. John has a video for this, it's on his youtube page, and it is very interesting because he casts himself as the bad guy. Its his way of making a statement i guess. anyways great song. remember - "hold on to your identities loosely" because MTV might change the styles and you'll want to keep up! lol
    insanity/insighton August 24, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    i think this song is about gossip, but then again, i suck in interpreting what songs are about -_- help ?
    ehongsterron June 29, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    I think this song is about how music is the same thing now adays and how there is no creativity involved with making music. It also seems like people are just making music to make money. And, how artist make the same points over and over because people liked it the first time, instead of exploring new ideas.
    dylanagibsonon July 13, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    This song is about how the world is shallow. We need God's love and power to change the way things are. People are trying to do what's right in their eye. God chooses who will be the ones who will see with His eyes.
    Emjay624on October 15, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    I think this song is about the ever-increasing desire for the latest stiff. As a culture, we're always chasing after the next big thing, when maybe it's not important. The song states at the end that "familiarity breeds content", which I think is a really good line. Maybe it's better to hold fast to your values and traditions inatead and moving with the culture. Everyone's talking about the "next new thing", but maybe "it was never that important. As the Bible says, "there is nothing new under the sun". But hey that's just me.
    everettwbson September 20, 2022   Link

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