"10 Signs You Should Leave" as written by Frank Palmeri, Jesse Ketive, Mark Davis, Joseph Lionetti and Benjamin Lionetti....
You know its all a game.
That we play back and forth.
I leave. You chase.
And were back to square one.
We were not mean to be.
And I tried my best to work it through.
I asked my friends "what should I do?"
There only advice was leaving you.
But I'm glad I did.
Or at least that's what I tell myself.
I swear to god I never would of known
Your face or your name.
If everyday is a constant reminder your a
And its sad to say, that
I still cry to the Bayside CD everyday.
Don't you know that those songs are about you?
Check tracks 8 and 9.
Then call me back.
You ask me "when is it over?"
Over? This isn't over till I say its over.
Back to Square one.
Come On

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"10 Signs You Should Leave" as written by Frank Palmeri Benjamin Lionetti

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    General CommentYou know...I can't help but see this album as one connecting idea, not separate songs as most might think. The initial anger and confusion upon finding out ["I asked my friends what should I do.../I swear to God I would have never known your face or your name if everyday is a constant reminder..."] Also, initially promising to keep her out of his life and deciding there is no future where they stand from everything he's discovered, as he "tried his best to forgive and forget" her. But he hesitant to follow through with it.["Won't you be my bride?/ Another day, another day..."]

    The next song progresses into sadness and bitterness over the loss of everything he had to look forward to ["...please don't ever forget me/ But who am I kidding? I'm so afraid that things will change."] as well as the dead, unborn child. ["I want you to know how it feels to be in love with the ghost that bears your name/...Well, there's one regret we can share/...What shall we name our dead son?"]

    The next one is still in the stage of depression, what he thought was 'forever' turned out to be something that disappeared (Hence; title) and hasn't let go ["Take me somewhere familiar/...And I'll ask you/ Why?"] He wonders why she had to lie; the disappointment over her being just another liar and (assuming) cheater. Yet, even through that, he knows they can never completely sever themselves from one another ["Movie quotes and lyrics still connecting us like constellations/ I wonder if I can ever separate myself from this/ And it'll be awhile 'till I can breathe again."] He longs for simpler times, where he didn't have to feel heartache and disappointment.

    'Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle' has to be one of the most emotionally powerful songs I have heard from Emmure. The mixture of sadness, hate and anger connects the whole idea all together for a middle song; he thought she was the one, ["And you were all that's left of what was meant to be/...Just where did I go wrong?"] had put her on a pedestal from which she fell from grace ["You made a better trophy in my dreams/ And now you are my nightmare."] and hates her for it ["I hope every morning you wake up/ It hurts more and doesn't stop/ And I hope every night you rest your head/ Lay your head and pray for death."] He just wishes she'd die and wouldn't have to feel anything for her anymore.

    The song that follows makes a pitfall into anger once again, just pure hate. ["I just want to rub it in your fucking face/ And make you remember everything."] He's become cynical about the situation and can see that it kills her how he's seemingly moved on, ["Jealousy pouring right through you."] The proceeding song makes a downfall back into his emotions over her but now has become suicidal and fantasizes his death [They will find my corpse on the shower floor/ And with my bleeding wrists/ Will be a note that explains all of this..."] and what it will explain to the friends and family ["I could not live handle the fear and regret/ Knowing I ruined my only chance/ A lesson in carelessness."] He understands the decision will create criticism and justifies it ["I will burn in hell for my selfishness/...I know the backlash/ Call me a coward all you want/ I know the truth and that I am free."]

    The last song is obvious in tying the last thread together, "When Everything Goes Wrong, Take The Easy Way Out", with him going through with the suicide ["I will kill myself/ If it means nothing else will keep me from sleeping tonight."] He has come to the point to where he feels to the core that she's ruined and killed any emotion he may have been able to salvage as well as himself. ["Leave me alone/ You did enough to ruin me/ My broken soul couldn't take another day..."] and with one final plea to God asks to be accepted into heaven, even though he is committing suicide. ["God, if you can hear me/ Open the gates."]

    ...At least, that's my opinion about the album.
    belladawn010on July 29, 2010   Link
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    General Commentat the beginning of the song hes
    talking about how he breaks up
    with his girlfriend all the time, and
    she always comes back to him.
    and then they're back to where they
    hence: "You know its all a game.
    That we play back and forth.
    I leave. You chase.
    And were back to square one."
    he knows they're not meant to be,
    but they always get back together anyway.
    in the song he's kind of making
    it sound like this is the last time, he
    won't be with her anymore
    "There only advice was leaving you.
    But im glad I did.
    Or at least thats what I tell myself."

    but at the end of the song,
    they go back to where they
    "Over? This isnt over till I say its over.
    Back to Square one.
    Come On. "

    haha i love how he added something
    about Bayside, i love them [=

    amazing song.
    this band doesnt get enough
    isawthemurdersceneon June 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthe's referring to tracks 8 and 9 on the self titled bayside cd "Existing in a Crisis (Evelyn)" and "Don't Call me Peanut" which are relevant to this song in a way ;)
    Calpurnicuston August 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm gunna have to disagree with you, Calpurnicust and its.so.hot.in.texas. It seems that the tracks 8 and 9 he's referring to are 8 and 9 off of Sirens And Condolences(Kellum and If You're Bored). It makes more sense that way.
    OneWithTheOceanon November 12, 2007   Link
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    General Comment-5,000,000 points for Bayside reference. That's fucking gay.
    oralcanceron February 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWow, no comments on any of these songs?

    This is probably my faveourite I've heard.
    SkreeBreeBreeon May 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI wonder what "tracks 8 and 9" are...hmm.
    Lanimilbuson June 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentoh my fucking god this song is possibly the greatest song ever

    emmure is the shit

    and bayside is amazing too hahaha
    so true about relationships and stuff
    go listen to them
    momentumon August 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentshut the hell up slappy, you know damn well you were one of those tight pants faggots

    he know it was god to leave her but he didnt really want to... she was a whore when with him and now he holds a grudge and wont forgive her hence the "You ask me "when is it over?"
    Over? This isnt over till I say its over.
    Back to Square one."
    also if you read the lyrics to those baysides songs they pretty much contradict each other... the8th (existing in a crisis(evelyn)) begs her to stay away but the 9th (don't call me peanut) says how he has her heart but shes with someone else
    its.so.hot.in.texason October 15, 2007   Link
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    General Comment*good
    its.so.hot.in.texason October 15, 2007   Link

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