Xenophobe visionary,
Spare me from your missionary speech.
Nothing but hate for your kind.
Your life spent on converting the flock.
Why should I have tolerance
When this word means nothing to you
And your books, holy books?
"Love and compassion" seems long forgotten
When it comes to your missionary act.
Fatal anachronism that will tear your all down.
Does rotting scare you that much?
Comforting thought of thinking all the same.
Is it going to make this all real?
Comforting thought of thinking all the same.
Live for yourself your spiritual life.
Does rotting scare you that much?
Imposing your reflection.
So narrow understanding.
Your beliefs are yours to keep.
Does rotting scare you that much?

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Comforting Prejudice song meanings
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    General CommentAnti-christian song, condemning their values, especially the right-wing christians who incite racism and war.

    "Does rotting scare you that much?" A comment on how people are only religious because it comforts them from the thought of dying and instills delusions of immortality.

    Most of the song seems to be expressing that religion is a selfish, weak path for those discontent with facing real life, and the last thing that the singer wants to hear is them trying to convince him to join.
    Dead_and_smilingon March 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI partially disagree with you. I don't believe it's specifically aimed at Christians, but all religious people who try to enforce their beliefs and view points on others; all of those that are hypocrites, preaching of love, good-will, and tolerance, yet are unable to abide by their own advice. Just because someone is religious or believes in God, does not make them perfect, and sadly many people are given a bad impression because of those people, and thus are pushed further from God.
    Mechacideon May 02, 2009   Link

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