"Arms Around Your Love" as written by and Chris Cornell....
With his arms around your love
Oh no, here comes the pain that you can't ignore

With his arms around your girl
He'll do all of the things you didn't do before
You had every chance, but you closed the door

Now you're just gonna have to take it
('Cause if you didn't know)
She's gonna make you pay for it
(Price you can't afford)
You're just gonna have to take it
With his arms around your love [Repeat: x3]

Oh, yeah

Pretend that you don't mind
But you know everything that you left behind

And it would have been alright
If you'd gave half of the praise that you held inside
You thought she'd hang around for the ride


Coming clean feels so dangerous
Just a little bit would have been enough
But you never said all the words caught in your head

As if your heart was dead
Well now its surely bled and broken up

And it would have been alright
If you'd gave half of the praise that you held inside
You thought she'd hang around for the ride


(Take it) With his arms around your love
(Pay for it) With his arms around your love
With his arms around your love
With his arms around your love

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"Arms Around Your Love" as written by Chris Cornell

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    General Commenti think its about a guy that screwed-up a relationship with a girl, and now he has to bear seeing her with someone else. And now he regrets it even though he doesnt want to admit it.
    leshkaon May 30, 2007   Link
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    General Commentits properly about this lad who likes this girl but never said and now she has a boyfriend he is just ''Gonna Have To Take It'' and the girl properly liked him as well thats why it says ''She's gonna make you pay for it''
    misfit-in-loveon May 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyeah i agree its about this guy who loved a girl and he was to afraid to tell her or something and the girl liked him to.
    But she went a found a new guy so now he has to sit there and take it while he has his arms around his love.

    So its pretty much dont wait around if you love someone, show love and praise or else you will end up the one who has no one.
    ZDLR my idol!on May 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like this song. The lyrics are very true, especially "coming clean feels so dangerous", which I think means, the singer wants to tell her what he felt for her at the time, and say his piece and win her back, but it's too dangerous because she might be happy sttled down with the other guy. And "Just a little bit would have been enough", as in just a little speech, just a little effort, would have won her over.
    Supah Dudeon June 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song comes across to me as "her revenge." The song is about the guy, the ex, but maybe it is also about the girl. I read reciprocity into that "pain that you can't ignore," especially since it sounds like he did a lot of ignoring in his time. In some respect, it's like we're joining the song at the happy ending -- at least for her. On the other hand, maybe he could have been the guy to give her what she needed and just wasn't ready or mature enough. While on the surface, the song is straight-forward and about a guy missing his chance, I believe it has that other dimension.
    nutshell02on July 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI've never posted on here before because I don't claim to know what the artist meant. But I just came back from a Cornell concert and he said that people think this is a chick song but its actually a guy song and something that all men go through at some point in there life. He said it has to do with thinking about suicide. Now if he was joking I don't know but I thought I would share that with everyone.
    Skatman717on July 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell that sounds sensible really. Whether she breaks up because you were holding back or whatever, i think this song is, as the title suggests, mainly about seeing the girl you're still madly in love with in the arms of another, knowing that even though she means the world to you and you've never loved like this before, you're never gonna get her back, and she's through with you forever.

    Stuff like that tends to bring about the idea of suicide.
    I just read an article where scientists had found that suicide rates among heartbroken men were way higher than among girls, and i like the way Chris has through his entire career highlighted that emotional problems do in fact exist with guys as well, they even tend to be worse and more wide-spread.

    So yeah i think it's a guy song, there's too many chick songs and girls get over this so easily anyway... I would most likely consider killing myself had i seen anyone with their arms around my lost love...
    D.B.on January 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think its about having been with that girl and letting her go, never saying all teh things one wanted to say but didnt.now shes makin you pay for it! in response to db, suicide rate is higher in guys case we dont talk, just bottle things up, stupid male pride,its not so easy to drop it either
    gazhamon April 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationFor me, this song is about not being honest with the person you are/were with. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and this song makes perfect sense to me. I put her on hold, i shouldnt have, but i didnt really have a choice. and so all the things i could have said, i never did. until we broke up - coming clean feels so dangerous, just a little bit would have been enough, but you never said all the words caught in your head. but by then it was too late. I always thought she would hang around for the ride, you know, see me/us through everything, but i guess this is not the case. and now she's doing everything i hate, and showing more of the person i didnt like. however, i still love her. or think i do. two days after we broke up, she found herself a new man, and things for her are pretty awesome. but she's making me pay for it, and im paying for it hard. and i told her i didnt mind, but, like chris wrote, you know everything you've left behind.
    but you know, i think there's also the other side to this song. the side where even though she has someone else now, youre angry with her for not being there for the ride, supporting you when you need most, and maybe breaking up was the best thing to happen.
    at least i can see the other side to it.
    but maybe thats just me.
    scott19901990on October 05, 2009   Link

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