I'm dizzy walkin outta Larry's Army Wear used, with
some black leather shoes and desert BDU's.
Many boxes of ammo, I got the camo face paint.
Barricaded the tower doors, safe this place ain't.
Up to the top, I can see the whole planet it would seem.
The sun is beatin' on my head as I'm livin' my horror dream.
Up-chucked a couple times then I finally took aim, a
man is chattin' on his cell phone, I spattered his brain.
A lovely couple started runnin', all the sudden she
tripped. He kept right the fuck without her, like he
never missed a step.
I snapped one to his head, he fell dead to his knees,
then his wife was right there to retrieve the car keys.
Not many notice at first, although some do start to
scatter. Pluggin' iron in they back. Who they are it
doesn't matter.
There's a psychopath, way up in the tower somewhere,
And when they think they outta range, (*gunshot*)
poofs they hair.

And it was hot that day... (Someone's in the tower)
So fuckin' hot (Shooting from the tower)
And it was hot that day... (Someone's in the tower)
So fuckin' hot...

I shot the lady in the ass and the kid on the grass
and the daddy on the swing through the lens in his glasses.
First cop on the scene will be commended for his
services. For now he holds his throat and screams,
"I didn't deserve this".
The tower's too high, I'm bringin' shots from above
'cuz my head's a battle royale of serpents, snails, and bugs.
I'm quadarpolar, through my sniper's scope, I see
the enemy - the world ain't never been my friend
and never pretended to be.
I fought in two wars, my country left me poor and sick.
Leg missin' Agent Orange and un-useable dick.
So as I reload, my trigger finger's frozen cold from
squeezing so hard my reason is no control.
Warped soul. Look at that. Pap-pap-krack. Three
frat college boys flat, dead on they back.
And the lady tryin' to hide behind the dead fat guy...
just got one plucked in her eye.


I'm finally at war again, Only I ain't takin' orders.
200 yards below, I'm taggin' targets, small as quarters.
Marksman. Sniper. Military precision. Spotlights.
on the tower, tryna nullify my vision.
My eyeballs keep rollin' in the back of my head,
practicing for any minute when I'm actually dead.
They put the tape up, these people think they outta
my view, but still, I'm steady pluggin' sleepin pills
off into them too.
I see in strobe light vision and I'm way beyond a panic.
My only skill is murder and I'm stuck on automatic.
Sweatin' profusely, bleedin' outta my ears. Their
shots are missing by fragments, bullets shaving
my hair. And yet my aim is remarkable, I'm peggin'
these ducks. One by one, jumpin' out of those
SWAT team trucks. I see the major activity, I'm
causing a chaos, mad -... my life went out with a flash.


And it was hot that day... So fuckin' hot...
It shouldn't get that hot... humid and hot...
Beatin' down on us... So fuckin' hot...
Too fuckin' hot that day... Just too fuckin' hot...
How can it get that hot... How can it be that hot? ...
Too hot, too hot, too hot... It was just too fuckin' hot.

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    General CommentThis song is about the Charles Whitman shootings at The University of Texas at Austin in 1966.
    Do a google search for "charles whitman wikipedia".
    shreddedon April 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentif it waz a charles whitman shooting in 1966, then why waz he talkin bout a guy ona cell fone. did he make thet part up?
    333 im half evilon May 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's a horrible incident, but the worst part is that the sniper, Charles Whitman, who's sniper attack was the subject of this song, cried out for help for years, because he knew something was wrong in his brain, but doctors just assured him that there was no problem.

    Turns out, though, he had a tumor in his brain that may have affected his ability to control his emotions, affected his sleep, and even may have triggered some of his darker thoughts and impulses, that no doctor was even willing to begin to look for, instead writing him off as a hypochondriac.

    This tumor was first found during his autopsy ( which he, himself, requested in his suicide note ), but the fact that it was pressing into his amygdalae and thus may have been responsible for his actions, was initially suppressed in an effort to save the reputation of the doctor that had told him for years that he was just imagining his problems, and only turned up when investigated by a private commission on orders from the Governor of Texas, who was basically just wanting to be thorough.

    It's scary to think that a physical abnormality so completely outside of any man's ability to control might control any man so completely.
    cantide8405on April 27, 2014   Link

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