The child is torn from the womb unbaptised
There’s no question it’s infanticide
I’m guilty so therefore condemned
Destroying angels must come to an end now in limbo
Deprived of paradise that’s not so nice

At the end I’ll escort you to Hell the dark one’s forces
Lock your flaming cell to murder the ones unborn
The worst sin you’ve ever performed
There are two other things I must tell, know them well

With due respect hear these words of caution
If considering an abortion if you dig boiling sulphur
To which I will not concur
Leading to a path of misfortune no one won

Of a land that shuns the son so alien call it Area 5-1
Should there be failure to convert Zion
What came as a lamb returning as a lion

Not a nation but a self proclaim-ed state
Since the year of our lord 1-9-4-8
The road to redemption leads through deserts
Rocky though the trip through is well worth it

I am the duel of the fisherman Simon
He brought Alpha, Omega, yes I’m the one
The twins fell beginning Armageddon
So the whore who too dwelleth in Babylon
All his people gathered round through forgiveness salvation found

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    General Comment"...A land that shuns the son...." is referring to Israel not acknowledging that Christ is the messiah. The majority of songs on this cd are alluding to the Book of Revelations and the return of Christ from what I've read. Good stuff.
    MercifulSlaughteron November 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentInteresting interpretations from some of you. Even more interesting to me however, are the former "fan" reactions to this album. The cognitive dissonance is REAL. Some of you just can't accept that Pete went through this life, weighed the evidence, and chose god.

    It triggers you just as much as it does the SJW's 99% of you profess to hate lol. Which makes me chuckle! I like to chuckle, in this world today you'll find less and less reason to do so... i must thank you i suppose. THANKS!

    But i digress, it still doesn't give you a pass, not by any means lol. Chad, a D-bag who left his comment here in 2015 is particularly guilty of flinging his preconceived bs all over this album. Nobody gives a shit about your faith, or lackthereof! Pete left a message, either accept it, or at the very least respect it, did he sell out like so many do? NO, in fact it was the less popular stance, it would have been far easier to stay the course and keep talking about sex in the forest with women on the rag... i'm sure that's far more intellectually pleasing to you. October Rust is a masterpiece, but going down on a chick during her time of the month isn't exactly the height of intellectual lyrics, which many of you profess is one of Peters best qualities. OH I GET IT, when it's about religion you don't want to hear it... because muhstupidreligion

    He could have stayed the course yes, but alas, he didn't do that. He admitted his faults, he warned others against his mistakes, and you call this WEAKNESS!? HA! He stayed true to what he always knew to be right in his heart of hearts. He didn't somehow capitulate in a state of weakness. He reached the peak of his knowledge!

    As for Zionism, Pete was 100% correct. Many will disagree, but time will prove him right sadly. Pete had no hatred for the Jews, only the globalists in this world. The ones who pull the strings, behind closed doors, never to be spoken of like some sort of fucking Voldemort!!!!!! Think about that, long and HARD.

    You want to know who rules over you? Find out who you can't criticize, and whom others shirk away from criticizing... even going as far as to ban, delete, shadowban, and ostracize any and all who speak against their goals!

    The truth? I didn't care much for this album when it released, only over the past 6 months did i really give it another listen outside of September Sun (always liked that one) but this song in particular stands out to me now. Not just for its message, but it's pure artistic value. This is a very complex song, as is usual for Type O, but this one is one of the most complex.

    A fact that was lost on me due to my disdain for the lyrics! Being atheist at the time i was simply turned off by it. Notice how i didn't leave a scathing review however, and i assure you, i was on this site in 07 reading comments, it's funny how things come full circle. But i left no comment bashing Pete, because he dared to pull me out of my f'ing echo chamber!

    NAY, i simply wasn't ready to hear his message. If you aren't, that's fine. But i highly recommend keeping a recording of it somewhere. You'll want to reference most of this album over the next 10 years, a MOUNTAIN of evidence and countless hours of research have led me to this conclusion.

    Believe, or don't, idc, but the people in charge of this world DO, and prophecy is EVERYTHING to them. This album is pure genius. Period.
    Gatecrasheron October 04, 2018   Link
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    General Commentok putting all the bullshit aside, this is a really good song, no matter what the lyrics are about.
    necrophageon March 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOkay has anyone ever thought that someone can write a song thats not personal to them? He can be writing from another point of view. Orrr he could be comenting on how christians think that if your not baptised you go to hell. Ohh and deniedtherights. Homosexuals arent a threat to this country. Your just closed minded and cant see past your own thoughts.
    KillerWolfon December 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGreat depression and 1948? your off by about a decade. in 1948 isreal declared its independence. hence the last 1/3 of the song.

    As far as the holocaust goes, while deplorable wasnt the worst act of genocide ever, just the most recent one in the pop media, but thats a diff issue all together.

    the ironic thing about the genocide comment is that type o was once banned from performing in certain european countries do to petes a supposed familial relation to hitler. hence the song we hate everyone on Bloody kisses.

    as far as shunning the sun, isreal was created with the idea that jesus would come back after the creation of a new isreal, (cant remember the biblical verse but its in there), hence the zionist movement after ww2. again the ironic point being, both religions in region, muslim and judaism, belive jesus to be a prophet, not a savior. the alien and area 51 comment is just a metaphor for being foreign (culture and ideas), ie the people there dont give two shits about jesus. also, most of the area around jerusalem is for the most part unihabbitable desert, but people still make pilgrimages there for redemption. with the exception of christains, again which is ironic.

    the first verse is about as meaningful as the song dead again. hes saying ive dont this dont make the same mistake.

    now... reread this post with the idea that my point of view is not going to be the same as yours and thus is meaningless. to me thats the point of the song and most of the songs of the album.
    BoxyBrown26on July 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNecrophage why do you think that all republicans are cristin? Im a republican and I hate the idea of a cristen religin. I worship Oden and Type O Negative is my faveret band I have every thing but the new album Dead Again.

    Hail Oden!!!!!!!!
    Type O Negative is the best band in the world!!!!!!
    dufsnikkon March 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIts about abortion petes apparntly become catholic again (he found god or some crap like that) most of the album has christian undertones
    okkultenon March 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIm not ragging on Pete for this, It just seems that him going back to his religious roots contradicts a lot of his past songs. Because from the songs ive listened to on the new type o, i haven't had any complaints. I have had it for almost a week and havnt listened to the whole thing. lol
    necrophageon March 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhy dont you have the type o yet dufsnikk, its been out a week now, and 4 days prior to your post??
    necrophageon March 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyeah, because gays are such a threat, lol.
    necrophageon March 23, 2007   Link

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