"His Hands Matched His Tongue" as written by and Casey Blue Crescenzo....
A long walk home, riddled with regret
Uncommonly comfortable, but still I believe
That in time I think I'll see just what's been weighing down on me
An unearthly void collapsed, exposing what was trapped
To release this serendipitous design

The smell of smoke, the evening sky was proof
Belated conversations saturate anticipation for the answers that simply won't come

But not I, I won't ask
Forget my place amongst the grass
The leaves and the trees remember me
And in my naiveté it might be seen
The pail has leaks and even if
You put all your water into it
You end up with nothing left to drink
The well has gone dry and I with it

Oh, someday she'll be gone (x4)

(We'll still have a song to sing)

Sing softly, bring me to the lake
Sing softly, sing me to the lake

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His Hands Matched His Tongue song meanings
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    General CommentI don't think he's been experimenting with hookers. In Act 2 he mentions that Ms. Leadings hands were the first he'd ever felt. He's just a boy, after all. I think it is about him wishing he knew more about his mother, Ms. Terri (who happens to be a mystery since she hides everything from him). He regrets that he doesn't know much about her and I think Casey is singing in pain "Someday she'll be gone" because the boy will never ask his mother for the truth... and will never be able to find out once she dies.

    The first song in Act 2 is about his mother being killed, by the way.
    daugartenon January 04, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationActually when he says that "his hands matched his tongue," I think he meant that they were both "tied."

    His hands were tied - he couldn't do anything to help his mother because she wouldn't tell him what was really going on.
    His tongue was tied - he couldn't bring himself to ask his mother the questions that he has.

    I just bought the albums, so I'm not sure, but that's the first thing I thought when I heard this song.
    ep149846on January 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with daugarten. I feel this song is about how he sees his mother unhappy, and wants to know why, but knows he has no place to ask her. Maybe he feels guilty as if it's his fault.
    Stevekrizon June 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love everything about his song.
    now I'm going to bet this song was inspired by Say Anything- which are also amazing. but the way Casey sings it really does sound like Say Anything.
    NathanaelWon April 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like to think that something burnt down:
    "The smell of smoke, the evening sky was proof"

    Probably an attempt by his mother to burn down the Dime, as she suggested it in The Inquiry of Ms Terri:
    "Touch, taste, feel it ripping me down. A reprise, two times, the Dime, burn it to the ground."

    He's walking back to the main city and sees that his mother has gone through with it and probably ran off, and he realises he might never get to ask the questions he has waited too long to ask:
    "Belated conversation saturate anticipation for the answers that simply won't come."

    As a consequence of this, it is probably the Priest/Pimp who rapes and murders her in the next Act (the Procession).

    mikewontreplyon July 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHis hands matched his tongue? Love it. Read that, you think red. But you also think that he speaks with his hands (charac trait), but you also think that whatever he says, matches his actions.
    This pretty song, I feel we are finally with the boy. Or someone. Singing about something that happened. Still this song is talking a lot about some sort of mystery. I think he regrets trying to leave and perhaps he had an argument with his mother in the past song.
    There are many reasons against him going with prostitutes. Though he is wondering, there is a hint of sexual exploration. But that is part of the bigger picture, knowing his past.
    The past few songs talk a lot about his effort (pale with a leak, all his water in it, the well is now dry as he is) and other stuff in 1878. Imagine this song and the 2 before are an arch of his emotion. A swelling fear of the darkness/desire for knowledge, his decision to leave his mother, his recognition that his impatience is terrible considering the fact that his mother may die soon. This intuition is important, cause yeah, she’s gonna die pretty soon haha. So here comes back that chorus, and it is another version of discovery basically.
    Still, he is left in wondering. I would say that something happened, an actual event is depicted in the first verse. Though I’m unsure what. It appears calamitous, and perhaps it was just the calamity of his anger. But he rests in the calm assurance that “in time I think I’ll see just what’s been weighing down on me”.
    The next portion, I keep getting this image of him cuddling with his mother and kissing her on the fore head in some old, crappy shack of a house as he realizes there is nothing he can do to change his circumstances. At least for now.
    And then! We clap for the boy. A lotta good insight has been given above, but I feel as if the images are all very specific, though I can’t discern it. Which may be Casey’s point, to thrust us into confusion with the Boy and only know enough. Letting those evil violins at the end, tempt us onto Act 2
    adroitaudioon May 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this is about him still wondering where he's come from, the smoke in the sky is a metaphor that he can't see the sun... that he has no enlightenment. He wishes to go to the lake, simply to know more about everything he is. Ms. Terri feeds him lies which she also seems to believe in, and knows that when things come to be that everything she said was false, she won't have her lies to believe in. And he goes dry as well for she's been using him.
    Lachrymal Cloudon May 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDefinitely agree with him wondering where he's from and the rest of what you're thinking, Cloud, but im also wondering if he's been doing something bad himself. Because he's obviously biting his tongue (But not I, I won't ask) and if so, could that mean he's red handed as well? or is there some other metaphor that can match his hands to his tongue?
    Catch the Beatson November 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commentin response to my own comment, i kind of think he's started to experience with prostitutes himself
    "A long walk home, riddled with regret" regret being...hookers

    "Uncommonly comfortable, but still I believe" he's strangely okay with it in some way...perhaps because he's unknowingly been raised by a prostitute?

    so, yes. he's red-handed and biting his tongue. theres our match. i think
    Catch the Beatson November 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentStill doesn't explain the song title. He's holding his tongue and not asking. What is he keeping his hands from doing?
    Stevekrizon June 14, 2008   Link

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