The word "Altar" is spelled correctly within the posted lyrics but misspelled in the title....
He’s an ol' altar boy
Lying out there in the street.
He’s an ol' alter boy
Bound up in leather and chains.
That’s why I’m feeling so blue.
I'm an old altar boy,
What about you?

Now, I can order in Latin.
Make ‘em au gratin, Joe.
I’m an old altar boy,
That’s why I’m so depressed.
I never got the rest of the dream,
Just the ritual,
Now I’m habitual,
Majoring in crimes that are unspeakable,
'Cause I’m an old altar boy.
That’s what happened to me.

I'm an old altar boy.
He’s hoping he can meet a woman dressed like a nun.
He knows there’s got to be some around here
Drinking across from the church,
A little Father Cribari wine
On a Sunday morn' time.

I'm an old altar boy.
Why is he winking at this time in his life?
He never took a wife, 'cause he’s an old altar boy.
Oh, yeah,
What about you?

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    My InterpretationHow the hell does anyone see child molestation here?
    This song about regrets and missed opportunities; wasted away in the church
    and never found the one for him. Everything he has gained seems to be trivial and un-needed

    [Now, I can order in Latin, Make em au gratin, Joe],

    as nothing of it will ever lead to happiness
    [I never got the rest of the dream, Just the ritual].

    He still wanders around hoping to still find her even tough it's far too late

    [Why is he winking at this time in his life? He never took a wife, cause he s an old altar boy].

    I feel Tom is trying to warn us to not waste away, while we can still change anything.

    [What about you?]
    RonaldBaneon May 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIs this song about child molestation? e.g. second verse
    timyjlon November 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsure seems to be. somehow never noticed to I read the lyrics
    JustAnotherOnionHeadon March 30, 2009   Link

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