"Which Describes How You're Feeling" as written by and John S./flansburgh Linnell....
Which describes how you're feeling all the time
Which describes how you're feeling all the
Feeling all the time
There's this guy in the sky and he makes you want to
Want to make you sigh, like the time
When you felt like you're feeling all the time
And you sighed at the cracks in the ceiling all the time
You said "I'm feeling fine" but it didn't really rhyme
It didn't rhyme, overseas

Which describes how you're feeling all the time

It describes how you're feeling

Which describes how you're feeling all the time
When you lie that your life's unappealing all the time
But your lie doesn't rhyme with the word overseas
Overseas there's this guy
Who describes how you're feeling all the time
In his mind he can find how you're feeling all the time
From behind distant lines
Even straighter than his spine
Which is fine
Which is fine
And describes how you're feeling all the time

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"Which Describes How You're Feeling" as written by John Linnell John Flansburgh

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    General Commentcharles xavier, is that you?
    cassomon October 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this is what emos would listen to if they had an extremely overdeveloped sense of irony.
    I think it mocks people like angst ridden teens who feel misunderstood and would be really annoyed if someone figured them out. And people like those who go on about how cruel life is, and concentrate on things like the misery in 3rd world countries ("overseas") as a reason to be unhappy themselves, and blame god ("guy in the sky"?) for being so cruel and inflicting their self-perpetuating, self-righteous moods upon them. From this point of view the cheery music would also be an ironic touch to contrast the possible theme of depression.
    carseron February 28, 2008   Link
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    General Commentnot sure how i'm only the 2nd or 3rd person to comment on this song.

    seems to be about words/language to me.
    i think an important part of this interpretation is the center piece of the song that has the somewhat slowed and mumbled "Which- de- scribes- how--"

    when language was in early development, the important thing was to describe the physical world surrounding the speakers. Dangers and resources needed to be recognized, communicated, and dealt with accordingly. when our ancestors had that down, they moved on to describing things that are beyond our senses and common experiences.
    Our emotions, thoughts, feelings, desires, and the like are a great part of our everyday speech, yes, but beyond that, we have all now somewhat internalized what used to be just well enunciated grunts and yelps. when you're sitting quietly in a calm park, or hustling through the crowds on the subway on your way to work, let me ask, are you thinking in words? in English?

    ever know exactly what it is you want to express, but then not have the words to do so? from brain to mouth, something just couldn't translate.

    i think that's a large part of this song.

    we all have a different view of the world, but try our best to agree on what is what, using our language. the sky is blue. we all see this, we agree upon it, and are able to say it to one another in understanding.

    then we go to France ("overseas") and the old man in the park turns to us and says "le ciel est bleu."
    though we agree with him on that point, and may agree with him on the way we feel when we wake up every morning, we won't be able to speak about it. we'll just both interact through a polite smile, then turn to a tres belle sunset and each frown to ourselves, thinking, in our respective languages, how we wish we knew what the other was thinking right then and there.
    KSOfmon November 23, 2010   Link

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