"Metal Will Stand Tall" as written by and Jonas Reingold Jakob Karl Erik Samuelsson....
Come on baby

Oh, no no no no no no.

We crack it up, we hit the top.
We're moving through time.
We're thunderous, mysterious and glorious.
We're born to born to born to
To raise some hell.
We speed at night move out of sight.
We breake the chains.
Oh, yeah!

Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
We are on the move.
And we will prove.
We're the strongest of them all.
Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
United we stand.
Raising our hands.
Nations fall.
Metal will stand tall.

We crash and burn.
We hit and run.
We make a stand.
From the ash into the fire.
See a phoenix rise.
See a phoenix rise.

Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
We are on the move.
And we will prove.
We're the strongest of them all.
Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
United we stand.
Raising our hands.
Nations fall.
Metal will stand tall.

We stand tall!
Come on!

Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
We are on the move.
And we will prove.
We're the strongest of them all.

Made of steel we fly.
Like an eagle in sky.
United we stand.
Raising our hands.
Nations fall.
Metal will stand tall.

Will stand tall, yeah!
Will stand tall!
Metal will stand tall!

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"Metal Will Stand Tall" as written by Jonas Reingold Jakob Karl Erik Samuelsson


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    General CommentHey mate - here is that thing i said i'd send. As you can see, it is reall long, really incomplete and completely lacks continuity. Some of it sucks upon re-reading but I cant be bothered to delete it.

    Anyway, it kinda has sections: random ideas for the internet, making money, random promos and one liners, shit I do that sucks, Luke Vs the Daddies, articles. One liners random appear thoughout. Alot of this was written under the influence.

    Anyway this is it cut and pasted in:

    "Unlikely but desirable stuff"

    Ideas for the internet site

    - Profiles

    - Wrestler stats

    - Short text about their persona

    - Either last 5 matches or notable feuds section (something to indicate face or heel without saying goodie or baddie)

    - A few pictures

    - A music video clip

    - Individual merchandice – and if the wrestler doesn't have anything a link to the PWA T shirt or beanie or DVDS

    Pictures – take the internet pictures with overhead lighting to show muscles better, get other people to watch tell them how to pose. Take a few of each pose and do a few different poses, and keep going till you know one is worth putting up.



    Have pictures show by show, videos show by show, try to get lots of videos – feud recaps, big hits, funny stuff, promos,


    Show reports that describe a bit more of the matches and shows – like a page or so long like USA wrestling sites

    Articles: - like how we.com has articles if someone is on a roll, or has had a change of attitude or whatever

    - Interviews

    - Reports on feuds,

    - injuries,

    - event reports

    Company Jobs

    - everyone should have at least a small job

    - everyone should have at least 3 sets of shops and a flier route and we choos a week in which everyone has to complete their own areas


    - Fliers, posters, radio and print media publicity

    - 2 photographers at shows with digital cameras to take shitloads of pics

    - 2 video cameras – one moving and one fixed

    - Nerds – heaps of nerds to edit these videos – try advertising at TAFE, CIT, the uni's and media related internet chat sites or job sites

    Money making

    - have Faces wear the merchandice that is for sale during intermission and after shows

    - Do a 3 DVDs for a discount thing

    - Have DVDs

    - Do a calander

    - Do a couple of auction nights

    - - Use stuff in matches and segments with the intention of auctioning them off later – as in "Mikeys headband or the chair used by so and so in a certain match - if you build 5 minutes about making a big deal about a certain prop it could be sold for the equivilant of 10 adult seats or whatever –

    - - Have the auction info on the net for well in advance, and a segment of whats in the aution so far even if the date hasn't been set – just say the annual winter auction or something

    - Sponsorship – have a presentation package to give to businesses with complementary tickets

    - Have a flier to give to people who might be interested in training – and make them pay to train so the training is profitable

    - - stickers

    - Try to generate a street crew like the Qld company does – mention it at shows

    Shit to sell:

    - DVD's

    - Hats

    - Beanie

    - Company T shirt

    - Posters – sell good prints of past shows, wrestlers with their autographs

    - 2nd design company T shirt

    - Company Hoody

    - Autograph book – with a page for each wrestler with their profile, a pic and room for the autograph

    - Calander

    - PWA Memrobilia Stand:

    - After shows or at intermission auction off items from this or the last show - sell stuff from shows that's not too cheap – like stuff they used to get for free – but sell my chains, jacks wristbands, crofty's flanny, mikeys headband, etc. The toughmans weightbelt.

    - Try to get a deal with the club where they take their receipt for merchandise and get a discount on food – that's supposed to encourage them to buy shit.

    Do some sort of speech at intermission – when there is an awesome 2nd half to follow – to appeal for more fans, do a Paul Haymen coolade speech but don't make it desperate – say how good it is, say if you love wrestling and if you want to see PWA Canberra grow and prow then start spreading the word – because everyone in the back loves what they do, they love doing what they do best for you fans, and we wanna bring it to as many people as we possibly can. We wanna make a noise in this town that lets everyone know that there is no better show than a PWA Canberra show, we want everyone in town to know that when you go to see a PWA show, your gonna blah blah blah cant even think of who could say this.. JJ. Dennis.or woopers.

    Stuff to try

    - everyone cuts a promo before and after the show – we don't have to use them but it might help people think about their characters and you never know when someone will cut a pearler. And anyone who doesn't need to practice should be able to do a good one so why not. Its also a proper setting with no crowd so it wont feel as "silly" as doing them at training or just standing around practicing half-arsed

    - Rig a raffle – there has to be some achievable benefit to that somehow – tickets to the auction, something that would publicise the company

    - Avoid unPC shit – Llike racial, homo, sexist – and other "moral or value") stuff – maybe some ssatuff is OK and good when heels do it (as in heels are bad role models) but that's sort of the only shit people can fault us on and we give parents a reason to stop taking their kids when we give off the wrong image. And swearing to get over is lazy – think of something better than youre a (offensive noun). And mikey uses duchebag as if its fuckhead, gets the same reaction anyway, the crowd chanted along so theres no difference at the end of the day – but by using that word no one can fault him. I also recon ICW guys would consider calling the venue pretending to be a parent and complaining if they thought of it.

    - Every Saturday after training we could do promos – everyone either comes up with their own or they get told what to say but we film them and use them if they're good and learn from them if they're bad

    Have a nerd stable (I'm watching the IT crowd and its funny as)

    C-Fed stuff

    - say to crowd or in prom "oh youre not still mad because I killed James Edwards are you god get over it that was like 3 months ago"

    - Say we did exactly what we said we would which was run him out of town – he's gone and he aint coming back

    - I am a walking poem of what's wrong with the world

    I live by three rules – and you just broke law number 1: don't try to talk sense to a crazy person.

    "whats 2 and three?"

    "don't take more than you can handle and always know your dealer"


    Feud with Luke

    If we fight do a big enterance for hype – pimp/soldier/usa+SD flags/new usic/boxer "I'm gonna knock u out/bad boys/bad boys for life/hustlin/

    - make some sort of Luke I am your father/whos your daddy reference

    - - mastch with Luke

    - - - follow the less is more theory to a tee for my offence, luke think of as many no-bump moves as he can – for his offence…I'll have to put in the mouthguard and practice a few bumps if he wants to do it

    - - tape fists, wear a chain and have it a street fight – no DQ – I can low-blow, choke with the hand wraps once I take off the left, then wrap the chain around the left – punch with the left, hold the wrap in the right to choke with once I land a punch or he is down

    - Moves:

    - - ducks a clothesline, springboard off 2nd, comes into a 180 flying knee

    - - dives, lukes top rope stuff

    - - luke can think of every move that I could do that he can flip out of – like monkey flips, hip-toss, back drop, back roll etc – show in the wrestling bit – if there is one – that I cant do shit to him and he is freakin awesome – but maybe turn the tide on a big move – I recon every cut off/my offence should be sort of big (as in like heaps of "Luke is awesome" moves then oh shit he missed one that was bad) – should be my only advantaqge – like one of the guys shoves him off the top to the outside.– coz then I can gloat and sell easier coz he stays down sort of and I don't have to keep getting offence – I can go out and get shit and then he recovers, then misses gain again (writing wasted now)

    Ramdom lines

    - Luke your theme song says you alone are best – well you alone are pretty good, but we're not alone – theres three of us. And by the way, the bloodhound gang suck. Just a bunch of honkey poser wannabees.

    - I don't even see what the big deal is – Luke got trained by Lance Storm at his full time academy – so what? I mean Whats so special about what you came back with? You may as well have come back with nothing but a T shirt that says "I paid thousands of dallars to go to lance storms wrestling academy, and all I got were these gay red undies". Who likes short shorts? Luke likes short shorts. And while iI'm on the subject did you pick those colours? They're lance storms wrestling colours – red and white are lance storms wrestling colours – which means he's using you, and youre nothing more than a walking billboard for his school – he's like your pimp – Lance storm is pimping you, and that makes you his… (get cut off)

    - Lightning might not hit the same place twice but I sure as shit will

    - Lightning Luke Watts? Well watts up now, Luke

    - Luke Watts –well watts up with the shorts, watts up with your pasty skinny white physique, watts up with the cute trampoline flip routine, watts up with your 12 year old fan base, wats up with blah blah

    - We are gonna prove once and for all that White men cant jump

    IF I'm in the rumble – Low blows, use hand wraps, take off the left one and use it to choke, wrap gold chain around left hand to punch


    Stuff I'd change:

    - Fitch Vs JJ

    - - When JJ was working the crowd before the match I should have reacted to that by either getting off the apron or assisting the crowd – I may have just stayed there coz it was a planned spot where JJ was coming to knock me off the apron, but it was still out os sync

    - When I pulled fitch's arms on the leglock I don't recall paying any attention to if I was pulling hard – I think I did coz I did the thing with a foot on the ring which means I was thinking about the sell

    - Completely forgot to look for the chair during the match -and before the match I it was my idea and I said I would. Was one at ringside –I wasn't going to do the curb stomp and only did coz fitch said get the chair and I couldn't say I forgot to find one…recon that's a sign of not being calm enough – I obviously need to be in a mindset when I can both react and remember to find a fuckin chair seeing as I thought it was fretty important…

    - Some people said Iswore – I don't recon I did but I should knw

    - Chains broke

    - Spat my gum

    - Got puffede somehow

    - I don't interact with Fitch or Mappo much on the entrances or exits – that might look weird or it might look OK but I should probably know which

    - Chains keep breaking

    - Whenever I think about really listening to the crowd properly I can tell that I'll stop paying attention to the match – so I don't really listen that closely – I can tell if its noisy (this could be my shit hearing) and I try to listen for the rise and falls, and try to "catalytst" the rise, and like… "keep it rolling" when it dies down. I cant always tell if its cheers or boos, so I kind of hope that I'm reading the match properly from the audiences point of view, and then do the appropriate heel manager response, with my persona dictating the specific thing … like gimmick specific things eg a near fall on the face so every manager disputes the call or thinks it was 3 or whatever, but they have to make it gimmick/character specific

    Maybe we could watch a match with no manager on tape, and either I say what I'd do, or JC/Luke/Kane say what I should do, or a combination of the two – it might help provide a situation we can analyse to help some pennys drop

    I know that the heat I get has to go onto fitch/mappo – the wrestler – but it isn't easy to say one particular thing will do that. I recon that transfer will be easier the more I interact with those guys, but haven't thought of many small quick interactions we can do – but I bet it comes from emotional links like us being on the same page – coz if we are not the crowd knows one of us would be turning a bit "facey" – so its seems pretty logical that the opposite is true – the more the wrestler interacts positively with the manager then the more heelish he gets. It also means that its really easy to show tension in the group coz it stands out so much. Having said all that I recon it could be better if we don't aways get along but do it for the money…whatever that means.

    Heaps of probs are to do with not being able to do two things at once – I think I do better when I don't have many "spots" to remember coz I'm so nervous I'll stuff them up that I cant consentrate on reacting , but recon that's getting better the more I relax.

    I don't know if I'm doing way too much – but I still wast it to look like I'm going mental I feel pretty calm but I recon it looks like I'm too worked up – not the character but me. But I'm feeling pretty calm when I go out.

    Recon I'm too loud – sometimes

    I know I need to slow down my promos – but I don't want them to be too slow – I want to speak fast and angry and kinda crazy like roddy piper, and rappers…and crackheads…

    I haven't really done a proper promo except for the 1st one on JJ coz all the others are scripted. Having said that I recon that what I script at the moment is much better than what it would be like if I did a real promo – I don't practice it the same way twice, but I generally know each line as it comes, and I am relaxed enough to choose my words as I say it. But when I tried to adlib one I couldn't pace myself or think ahead – barely one foot infront of the other. That like most other probs is to do partly at least with nerves

    I don't have that much to say when stuff is going well – most of the reactions ive thought of in advance are pissed off at this or angry at the ref etc…

    Heaps more –I haven't written down all my "self critique" stuff… like heaps.

    Ramdom mannerism – say to crowd or in promo and do gestures – I'm just a crazy man( crazy finger round ear) on a self righteous (thumb to chest) suicide mission (gun to head)

    Random line – it's a quarter past kick your ass o'clock

    Random promos

    Luke trains tues, thrus, fri

    I wanted to do mon – sh, traps,

    Tue – quads, calves quads, hams, calves

    Thurs – back, hams back, biceps

    Fri – chest, triceps ch, sh, tr, tri

    Mon – Me do sh, tr,

    Tue – Both do quads, hams, calves

    Wed – off

    Thurs – both do back, biceps, forarms

    Fri – both do chest, Luke does shoulders, traps, both do triceps


    Welcome back!

    PWACanberra.com catches up with Mikey Broderick and Luke Watts, both returning from a brutal 3 month stint training at Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada…

    - Can each of you tell the fans what the other was like to train and live with? (Make up some funny stories if you have to)

    What was lance like as a trainer

    Say how you guys grew up liking local Canberra wrestling so fans go hay I'm growing up liking Canberra wrestling we're the same. Use the interview to set up shit we want to say to fans. Like: Bring friends to the shows, buy merchandise, get involved and help with fliers, cheer at shows – keep it kinda Kayfabe I recon, but use the interview to hypnotise readers into giving us their money. Make an answer out of each point, then a question to go with it, then get luke and mikey to reword it to sound in character or change it as lng as it keeps the product plug.

    (EG if we wanted to get current fans to bring more friends to shows, then we would want mikey or luke to say something like "yeah I grew up in Canberra and got into PWA – me and a hole group of buddies would get on the busses and go to wherever we could find a show and yell abuse at wrestlers he hated and get autographs off the ones we loved I never missed a show.…blah blah" – then a question to bring about that response like "so how did you get into the business, or were you always a fan?)


    - What was a normal day for you? "Have all those interview clichés like the interviewer going "PWAC: Really".. MB: Yeah". Looks funny and seems like a real interview to the kids and flows different to other articles. And that's what the US mags do).eg

    - PWAC: what was a normal day like?

    - MB – We'd get up at about 5:30am

    - PWAC: - Really?

    - MB – Yeah. Then we'd have breakfast and play Nintendo.

    - PWAC – sounds pretty brutal

    - MB – It was, and this would be our reality for 6 days a week.

    - PWAC – Not seven?

    - MB – on Sundays we'd have a little sleep in. But that's why we were there – we wanted to play Nintendo, and so on Sundays we'd usually spend most of the day playing Mario Kart for cones.

    - (Make the questions sequencial and dramatic (same for 1st lines of paragraphs in articles) to catch anyone skim reading so if they skip ahead it seems like they should read the whole thing EG

    - MB - Blah blah

    - PWAC – youre fucken kidding?!

    Then the reader goes oh shit I better read what he said properly

    So it sounds like an incredubually valuable and rewarding few months. Do you both recommend it to other aspiring wrestlers? – Say no – suggest they train with PWA first – and turn the interview into an add for the training centre


    MB – No way! There were these guys there who had no prior erestling experience who simply weren't ready. They hadn't even ever taken a bump let alone had a match, so it was pretty much impossible for them to learn everything Lance was trying to teach. If people want to give it a go I'd suggest training with us at PWA first to get a bit of ring time in before you leave – I remember the first time I got in the ring. I was being trained with Cam Federline so obviously I was shitting my pants the first few times I locked up with the ghetto superstar. But by the time I got to Lance's I had been trained by PWA, and had been wrestlnig locally for a few years so I was in a position to benefit more from what Lance had to teach.

    PWAC – You say lance a lot – are you in love with him?

    MB No.

    PWAC – Well thanks for sitting down with us, and best of luck in your match against Justin Cross.

    MB – I'm totally not gay.

    Obviously I don't know what you guys did but if you write it with the point of trying to get fans to buy merch, go to training and bring more friends to shows and never miss a show then it really doesn't matter what you say.

    Article on Justin Cross

    - do a longer profile about how long he's been wrestling, wrestling with injuries, who he's beaten before he was in title contension, say he didn't get a shot because every champion was scared to face him, he used a wrench to make sure he won because he's already proven he is the best so he should be the recognised National champion – its better for him to represent the company than anyone else and he should be champion to do that, and as long as he keeps the belt he will be in blah blah

    - association with Mark Williamson.

    - Say he recons no one would give him a rematch if they beat him, so if there gonna disrespect him and not give him that, then why shouldn't he use a metal wrench to knock them out?

    Kicks and hard striking as part of his style

    Beating blakestone before, why blakestone wont face him

    Possible match with Crofty or Luke

    Using the wrench on sean O'shae

    Upcoming match with Mikey say everything mikey is good at he is better. Mikey is stronger but JC is quicker, has more cardio and more experience. Mikey cant kick and JC can

    Chris Turk: "I AM NOT A TOUGH MAN!"

    The truth on why Kris Turk hopped off the squat rack and onto the bar stool

    Article on Jacks turn and feud with Crofty

    Jack lost – so maybe point out that he probably knew crofty would beat the hell out of him anyway. Say he got more out of making crofty beat up his friend than he would have gotten out of the win – coz crofty 1 year ago would have sworn that he would never fight or hurt his buddy, and Jack recons its cool that he made crofty break his principles. You cant trust crofty coz he might be your friend one day and then pounding your face the next. The old saying "this is gonna hurt me more than its gonna hurt you" rang true for Crofty – who told PWAC after the match that he took no pleasure in fighting someone he cared about. Crofty can say he still does care bout his mate and hopes he sorts his shit out but the guys basically feeling sorry for himself and blaming everyone but himself for his problems (coz that what an emo does). Jack can say whose blaming others now – and accuse Crofty of wiping his conscience clean and turning his back on a mate.

    Jack can say he knows crofty doesn't want to "fight a friend" coz he's a wuss and everytime he does it means crofty loses a little piece of himself. He's becoming a person he didn't want to be.

    Crofty moves back to Canberra

    MIA – Mappo tells the incredible true story about why he was not at PWA's The ruturn.

    Article on Blakestone and how he is good and stuff but the title keeps eluding him

    Article on Bishop Summers and Canberra title

    Article on Sean O'shae - possibly setting up his heel turn somehow.

    Article on MH Cydell and Ahmed Iblis after their Canberra Debuts

    The Smack Daddies stop James Edwards comeback and send him into retirement number 2

    When James Edwards came out of retirement with a changed attitude, he showed a new side of himself to the Canberra fans.. The new James Edwards was looking for a sort of personal redemption: he was a changed man out to make his son proud of his father, and along the way hoped to earn the respect of the same fans that had called for his blood only a few years earlier. Fans eagerly waited to see how the second chapter of his storied career would play out, and were quick to get behind the former Capital Champion. The stage was set for the return of a wrestler who was instrumental in establishing wrestling in the ACT a decade earlier.

    But some thing went wrong. Horribly wrong.

    That something was The Smack Daddies.

    The Smack Daddies were formed in Febuary 2008 when Cam "C-Fed" Federline returned to PWA and immediately introduced "Mack Daddy" Mappo and the talented up and comer "Vanilla" Fitch Valentine as the soldiers in his crew - the Smack Daddies. Since that time the Smack Daddies have used their numbers advantage and disregard for the rules to put together an impressive win-loss record. With Fitch Valentines undeniable in ring ability, the potent menace that is Mack Daddy Mappo, and C-Fed calling the shots, any opponent is essentially facing "a war on three fronts" anytime they are matched up with a 'Daddy.

    Just ask James Edwards.

    In April 2008 at PWA Canberra's "Maximum Risk", James Edwards was removed from his position as CEO of the company by the newly re-appointed Commissioner Mark Williamson. Upon to termination of Edwards' contract he immediately signed a new one – a contract to return to in ring action. Edwards appeared in the ring dressed in his casual street attire with a Parisian flare, and addressed the fans; imploring that he was a new man with a new life. Edwards told the packed house that he had a new born baby boy, and wanted to leave a legacy a father could be proud of.

    The Smack Daddies Stormed the ring, mocked Edwards and his past in ring accomplishments, and then proceeded to beat him to a pulp – culminating when C-Fed and the Mack Daddy picked up Edwards limp and beaten body and held a chair to the back of the father of one's head as Fitch Valentine ran a charging boot through the diabolical construction – an illegal move the 'Dads call the "Smack Daddy Gutter Stomp".

    A grudge match was signed for PWA Canberra's "Derailed" between James Edwards and Mack Daddy Mappo – and with Vanilla Fitch absent due to an injured shoulder, the Mack Daddy and C-Fed took to the ring. C-Fed got on the mike and proceeded to mock Edwards – disrespectfully inviting him to reconsider his comeback and stay in retirement, and threatening to run James and the Edwards family out of the ACT. The invitation was declined, and Edwards was able to take a hard fought win against a game Mack Daddy Mappo. Fans got behind Edwards from the opening bell, and as the former Capital Champion's hand was raised they applauded at what seemed to be the start of a successful comeback. Sadly, it wasn't.

    October 25 2008 saw PWA Canberra return to the Southside for "The Return". James Edwards was matched against the returning Vanilla Fitch Valentine – eager to return to his winning ways in his return match. Edwards had managed to reduce the Daddies numbers advantage, having shattered the Mack Daddy's pinkie in their previous encounter, however this time he wasn't matched up against a street fighter in his first match. He was facing Vanilla Fitch – regarded as one of the most talented wrestlers to debut in the ACT in recent years, and who has been the cornerstone of the Smack Daddy's accomplishments. And with the constant interference of C-Fed at ringside it was Valentine who took the victory.

    And unfortunately, that seems to be where the story ends for James Edwards. Beaten in the ring, Cam Federline and Valentine put the boots to Edwards who was as helpless as a honky in Harlem. With no one coming to his aid, the crowd screamed in disgust as Edwards was chocked out with Federlines ever present gold chains as Valentine laid waste to his prone body with repeated chair shots. An out-cold Edwards was hoisted by his hair by Federline, and as the crowd could only watch was the powerless Edwards bore the full force of the Smack Daddy Gutter Stomp. He barely moved as the two hustlers taunted him and the 250 fans in attendance – taking several minutes to leave the building before Edwards could be helped.

    And the only winner here has been the Smack Daddies. It wasn't the start of the new improved James Edwards, as the former Capital champion, PWA Canberra CEO and announcer had declared to the public at the start of the year. In the end, Edwards felt the Smack Daddy Gutter Stomp a second time, and didn't get up. He was run out of town by C-Fed and his soldiers. Which is exactly what Cam Federline said would happen nearly 6 months ago. For someone that most people see as nothing more than a scrawny, loud mouthed punk kid, C-Fed has been able to make good on all his talk, and with "Vanilla" Fitch Valentine and Mack Daddy Mappo backing his moves, you can bet C-Fed will have plenty more to say for a long, long time.

    Rob Foxx from opening match to title match

    - could say how he impressed in one show, but wasn't ready for a title match. Say how he is an up and comer and naturally talented with an impressive win-loss record, but Justin Cross still picked a seemingly under-prepared and over-matched opponent for his title defence, and Rob came close to taking the title in his first ever main event and first ever title match. Say how good he was for not being over-awed, for taking it to the 10 year vet, for taking some massive moves that would have stopped others and kept bringing the offence, and only succumbed to Cross's experience when the champ took an opportune moment to use some questionable and underhanded tactics to say the least when he used a concealed steel wrench to knock the game challenger cold. Say how fans can look forward to seeing the ever popular Rob Foxx soon, and hopefully he will be ready when his next chance at a title match comes.

    Conflict of Interests: the unaddressed association between the CEO and the National Champion.

    - Talk about how there is a clear conflict of interests if the CEO has a vested interest in the Champion. The CEO is responsible for choosing the most exiting matches for the fans, which means making sure the best wrestle the best. On the other hand, the nmanager of a wrestler has the responsibility of making sure his talent wins their matches, and if thy hold a title to make sure they leave the match as champion – win lose or draw. All champions stand to profit greatly as long as they remain champion, and their primary goal is to survive the constant challenges of hungry contenders and remain the champion.

    Mark Williamson has publicly cornered Justin Cross on one occasion when he accompanied the Champion to ringside for the title defence against Rob Fox in July. Far from being their in an umbiased capacity, Williamson tore down the referee and verbally bashed Foxx on several occasions where the Champion was seemingly at a disadvantage. His ringside presence was clearly bothering the challenger, who seemed to keep one eye on the CEO throughout the bout. When the Champions hand was raised at the end, Williamson made no effort to hide his satisfaction, as he wrapped the belt around Cross's waist and raised his arm in victory.

    There was no repeat scene at the Return: Williamson was not in the ACT that night, and Cross still walked away with the belt – again by questionable tactics. But with Cross now clearly the preferred champion of CEO Mark Williamson, and Williamsons responsibility of establishing number one contenders, one cant help wondering if Cross will be given prefferencial treatment. After all, the match against Blakestone never happened, and Rob foxx was not the number 2 contender. Cross also tried to coax a premature rematch out of the injured Mikey Broderik, and had Broderick excepted the challenge probably would have lost to a champion who always seems to get the long end of the stick. It all could be coincidental, but the series of events preventing Cross facing the true number 1 contender cant be denied.

    But that all seems set to end on January 17 at the Woden Tradies, because that night it will be Mikey Broderick facing Justin Cross 1 on 1 for the PWA National Championship. Broderick will finally have his rematch since losing the title 7 months earlier, and it will all go down in front of a crowd who have waited for this rematch with fever-pitch anticipation. Broderick brings Lance Storms training to the game, but Cross is facing a challenger returning from shoulder injury. These two have traded wins and losses in the past – with Cross faring slightly better, however there has never been more at stake. Whatever the result, these two have alot to prove, and alot to live up to. The result is far from certain, but the fans enjoyment is guarantee.

    The Return: Show recap

    PWA Canberra returned to the Woden tradies after a 2 month hyatis on Saturday night, October 25. Fans expected to see the long awaited PWA National Title match between Champion Justin Cross and Current number 1 contender, Blakestone, who had earned the shot a few months earlier with a win over ???.


    But as the show commenced Justin Cross took to the ring and got on the house mike to inform the 250+ fans that Blakestone was not in attendance. Dispite PWA Canberra's awareness of Blakestones withdrawing from the bout due to an injury gained while preparing for the match, Cross proceeded to run down the absent challenger and accused Blakestone of ducking him and backing out of the match to avoid an embarrassing loss. Cross then took the opportunity to address the number 2 contender, Mikey Broderick, and offered to put the title on the line in a one on one match. The fans braced themselves for another long awaited match, and it seemed as though Cross would make good on his prior garantees to be a fighting champion.

    But the ruse of Cross was exposed as an injured Broderick made his way to ringside. Broderick, returning to Canberra for the first time since completing training at Lance Storms Wrtestlnig Academy, came out with his left arm in a sling and informed the crowd that his shoulder has injured (an injury that Justin Cross was apparently well aware of when he made the challenge) and he was not fit to compete. Mikey used Cross's apparent willingness to fight anyone for the title as an opportunity to get a title shot for Fellow Lance Storm Graduate Sean O'Shae, who joined the two main eventers in the ring to the sounds of thunderous applause from the always ravenous ACT crowd. Justin had little choice but to put the title on the line in the main event against O'Shae, or risk losing face. To sweaten the deal, Mikey Broderick was appointed guest referee!

    Wrestling Action then kicked off, as the hugely popular dare-devil Lightning Luke Watts took on MH Sydel and Ahmed Iblis – two Sydney wrestlers making their Canberra debuts. The fans were eager to see the the new look Watts – returning after a 90 day suspension from PWA after a controversial altercation with Bishop Summers and (Suvanna Summers?) at Maximum Risk. Watts hardly let the 90 days go to waste, and joined his buddies Broderick and O'shae in Canada at ther lance Storm Academy. Always one to beat the odds, Watts came through the Academy with flying colours, and proceed to live up to his "re-defining death defying" monikier. Fans were treated to (Say some of the moves in the match) before Luke walked away with the win at (time of match ) after hitting (name of finisher). The win surely puts Luke in contention for a rematch with Summers of r the Canberra title –if Summers csan be convinced to put the title on the line (the rematch clause was also waved as a result of the 90 day suspension, and at the time of writing there is no current contender for the Canberra title).

    The second match saw a returning Fitch Valentine take on James Edwards; as Edwards sought to continue his winning ways in the long running grudge between the father of one and the Smack Daddies. Having taken out Mack Daddy Mappo in a tough bout back in July, Edwards was always going to have a harder time against Valentine who only lost one match in 2008. Valantenine was younger, faster, more tecnnically versed and a down right better brawler than the former Warlock, but Edwards had shown in his previous match that he returned with all the skills that made him the dominant wrestler he had been only a few years ago. But it wasn't his night, and Cam Federlines go to guy was able to get the job done, hitting the fitch3000 for the W. A vulgar scene ensued – for more go to (articles section name).

    Once the ring was cleared, the next match was able to get under way.
    (Jack and Crofty??)


    Turk bit – Iblis promo, beatdown, put to sleep with submission)

    (Bishop V Homos?)

    Cross V O'shae w mikey

    random line: In a world full of personalities that are over the top, Horge Del Homos is one superstar who is over the bottom.

    Anyway thats some of it - Ive got other books and shit in my old phone but that stuff is mostly random lines and mannerisms for C-Fed.

    Let us know what you think. SMACK DADS!
    TheMixta43on January 06, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionI can't believe that the only comment on this song is a massive post that appears to have absolutely nothing to do with it (I didn't bother even trying to read it) :S

    Anyway, this is an awesome song by an amazing and underrated band. Spread the word; The Poodles are incredible! (and I don't mean the weird fluffy dogs, although those are cool too I guess)
    syuon December 18, 2010   Link

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