"Daniel and the Sacred Harp" as written by and Robbie Robertson....
Daniel, Daniel and the sacred harp
Dancing through the clover
Daniel, Daniel would you mind
If I look it over

I heard of this famous harp years ago
Back in my home town
But I sure never thought old Daniel'd be the one
To come and bring it around

Tell me Daniel how the harp came into your possession
Are you one of the chosen few
Who will march in the the procession

And Daniel said
The sacred harp was handed down, from father unto son
And me not being related, I could never be the one
So I saved up all my silver and took it to a man
Who said he could deliver the harp straight into my hand

Three years I waited patiently
'Til he returned with the harp from the sea of Galilee
He said there is one more thing I must ask
But not of personal greed
But I wouldn't listen, I just grabbed the harp
And said, "take what you may need"

Now Daniel looked quite satisfied
And the harp it seemed to go
But the price that Daniel had really paid
He did not even know
Back to his brother, he took his troubled mind
And he said, "dear brother, I'm in a bind"
But the brother would not hear his tale
He said Old Daniel's gonna land in jail
So to his father, Daniel did run
And he said, "oh father, what have I done?"
His father said, "son, you've given in
You know you won your harp
But you lost in sin"

Then Daniel took the harp and went high on the hill
And he blew across the meadow like a whippoorwill
He played out his heart just for time to pass
But as he looked to the ground
He noticed, no shadow did he cast

Daniel, Daniel and the sacred harp
Dancing through the clover
Daniel, Daniel would you mind
If I look it over

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"Daniel and the Sacred Harp" as written by Robbie Robertson

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Daniel and the Sacred Harp song meanings
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    My InterpretationPart myth and part Scripture. The sacred harp refers to King David's harp, that was said to soothe the spirit of King Saul (who had been rejected by God for disobedience twice and given a demon to torment him). Whenever David played his harp, the demon relaxed and Saul was able to have a few moments peace. In this case the man's name is Daniel (not a reference to anyone in the Bible) but someone not of the lineage of David. The myth says the harp was passed down from father to son (this is presumably the lineage of David, from which Jesus came) and no one else could obtain it. The man listed could get the harp and asked for money first. After 3 years had passed, he returned with the harp from the region of the Sea of Galilee. Daniel was pleased to take the harp, but the man told him there would be one more requirement of him (his soul) but Daniel wouldn't listen to the man and just said "take what you may need," unaware the man who he was dealing with was the devil. Right away Daniel began playing the harp, but felt something was wrong. He went to his brother (who obviously knew Daniel's error but refused to help) and then to his father to ask what had he done? His father said "Daniel, you've won your harp but lost in sin." There was nothing anyone could do for poor Daniel, who ran off to play his harp on the hillside. Still feeling odd, at one point he looked down to see his shadow. To his horror, he cast no reflection because his soul was gone.
    bobquack1on September 21, 2014   Link

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