Tell me how you've been
Tell me what you've seen
And tell me that you'd like to see me too

'Cause my heart is full of no blood
And my cup is full of no love
I couldn't take another sip even if I wanted

But it's not too late, hmm
It's not too late for love

My lungs are out of air
And yours are holding smoke
And it's been like that now for so long

And I've seen people try to change
And I know it isn't easy
But nothin' worth the time ever really is

And it's not too late, ooh
It's not too late for love
For love
For love
For love

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"Not Too Late" as written by Norah Jones Lee Alexander

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    General CommentLast track of her new album which is the first album of hers I actually listened to...

    My gut thought was that it has to do with longing to see that certain someone you once had... not necessarily get back together but just to see if you still feel that the fire's still very much there when you see them.

    However, the lines: "I've seen people try to change... But nothin' worth the time ever is" makes me think that she could be saying that she still has a chance at finding love again despite having so much vested in someone previously...

    I ultimately think it is a her wanting to see the once dear person she may have split from a while ago and saying she just isn't the same and has not found love without that person, insisting/hoping throughout that it's not too late to salvage what they once had. However, I don't know too much of Norah Jones so I don't know how relative this may be. Anyone have any other thoughts?
    ccr0821on February 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with ccro821. I think this song is about catching up with someone that she[the narrator, not necessarily Norah Jones herself] was once in a relationship (and/or in love)with. At the beginning of the song, she says that she hasn't found anyone she could love. And then goes on talking about their past relationship, describing it as suffocating for whatever reason. Her "lungs are out of air" meaning she needed air/breath/break, because he wasn't good for her at the time "Your's are holding smoke". However, she thinks their relationship could work out this time around (and possibly love him-again or for the first time) by working at their problems together even though it may be hard times because she would rather take the time to fix the problems instead of living life without love.

    She is using "Its Not Too Late for love" throughout the song to convince him to get back together.
    Ultimately, this is a song about rekindling an old relationship/love. At least this is my interpretation...anyone else agree or disagree?
    thatgirl 48on April 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti change my mind. after months of listening to this song before falling asleep, i think this song is about her dad. She wants to know how he's been, what he's seen and she wants to know that he has also thought about her too.
    Her cup is full of no love because there is no relationship with her dad so she cant take another sip if she wanted. Even if the thought of him causes her to have bad feelings, ie lungs with no air and his lungs being filled with smoke, she is still hopeful. Because its not too late for love between an estranged father and his daughter...
    thatgirl 48on January 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think that when this song was orginally written, it was in reference to a boy/man. Yet, I have my own interpretation of this song...I think that this could just be about yourself, especially for someone who's changed recentally (for whatever reason) to someone less than who they used to be.

    For me, I view it as the old version of myself (the good, pure one who loved herself and treated herself well) talking to the new me (who grew cold, who stopped loving herself, who started drinking excessively, somking excessively, and using men). The old me is telling new me that you don't have to be this way. That you can love yourself again. That "it's not too late for love".

    I think the old me is telling me that "my heart is full of no blood (cold), my cup is full of no love". the old me is saying "i couldn't take another sip even if i wanted"...meaning i'm literatally driving myself to insanity...that i don't know how to take a sip of "love" even if the new me realized that's what she needs.--but i find this song helps me little by little find my old self.

    This song reminds me I can change if i want to and that I can't wait around for someone to pick me up and put me back together because that is not only unhealthy, but impossible. I'm the only one who can fix my mess.

    What do you think of this interpretation? Does it seem fitting?

    tomorrowisanewdayon June 02, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI just love Norah Jones,both her personality and music. I really can't get enough of her music. She has always emphasized the simplicity of her music,there sure is elegance in her simplicity. With regards to this wonderful song,its funny how people read different meanings into the song. She once said during one of her very "numerous" interviews that she actually likes that. This song is very much about her dad period.
    birdseye79on August 25, 2009   Link

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