Stop pretending that you care,
when I know that you don't.
Stop pretending that you'll change,
when I know that you won't.
You treat me like a moron,
but you don't seem to see,
that you're a lying motherfucker,
and you always will be.

I can't stand to look at you,
I can't stank to think of you.

I can't stand the lies you weave,
I can't stand to know you breathe.
I can't stand to look at you,
I can't stand to think of you.
I can't stand the shit you give,
I can't stand to know you live.

You annoying fuck,
You want me to cowtow to you.
And if I wanna keep working here,
It's what I'll just have to do.
You won't give up shit,
but you demand loyalty.
Well you're a fucking prick,
and you won't get it from me.

The hatred that I have for you is manifesting,
as a hairy, green, pointy-toothed devil-worm thing.
It's clawing and it's chewing its way through my insides.
It grows ever bigger with each of your lies.
It vomits up its venom, rising up through my throat.
A deluge ascending as you stand there and gloat.
It reaches my mouth, and I retch at the taste.
One day I'll spit it out, right into your fucking face.

You laugh at me for writing songs and tell me they suck.
Well your opinion means shit to me, I don't give a fuck.
Well maybe it won't happen, but I'll try anyway.
As long as motherfuckers give me something to say.
And when my cells start performing improv comedy shows,
And I'm sent home with my hatred for you welling inside,
with a fake-gold plated watch and a tumor jar,
I can laugh at you fuckers 'cause at least I can say I tried.

Lyrics submitted by Chicken008

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