Even in the dream of that fading day,
even the dusty figure of the future,
because you were always there looking on
even on the most fragile days
even on the road which only detours
I'm getting over it, and am able to exist here even now.

Just what am I lifting, I wonder?
Just what couldn't I lift, I wonder?
Although ever since then I've tried questioning myself,
No matter how many times the door to my heart is knocked on
Even if deep inside my chest my heartstrings are pulled out to look at
all that will come out will only be pleasant memories of fun..
It's simply that, I have always loved you.
That's all, although it's just that,
that was all that was in me.
And even now, I love you unchangingly.

There was a day when in the pretty starry night sky
we lined up to make our wishes
although those wishes have already been forgotten
it would be good if this moment could continue
and we remembered only all the things we thought about.
Now if you think about it, making that wish was good wasn't it?
However, it seems that God isn't here.
At the moment you became a star, I made a vow.
I do not need a God.
You over there, if only you had stayed.

Even today, the town without you
was as its usual rushing, restless self.
It was quite like doing nothing, coming to an end.
With the months and years that trot past
and in the middle of the softly moving seasons,
suddenly I think of going to look up at the night sky.
And then, I quietly made a wish.
A wish upon you who became a star.
「It's alright now, because I can stand by myself」"
But then hey, it's because I'm not alone right?
That's right, I'm living your share too.
You also, have always been living inside me.
That's why, again just like that time
Always be by my side to watch over me

When I wish upon you

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Kimi ni Negai wo (English translation) song meanings
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    General CommentNo comments?? this is a great song!!! i love it and i've been waiting for the translation for a while. When i read it it sounds like someone he loved has died or has gone away somewhere and no matter what he will always love her? and even though its hard he'll live for this person and he still feels like this peorson is and forever will be by his side.
    I dont know this is the first time i tried to figure out the meaning of a song>.< dont be to harsh please
    ShimmeringIllusionon July 31, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"At the moment you became a star, I made a vow.
    I do not need a God"

    This is amazing, it's about standing on your own two feet and trying to move on after you've lost someone. It shows beautifully how difficult it is. I think this is one of those rare glimpses into a genuine situation.
    Feuercruxon October 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentlovely...
    LivvyNIGHTMAREon December 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti made an acount here just to say that
    i just read these english lyrics after watching the music video
    first w/out knowing the lyrics i felt the need to cry
    now that i know...i did cry
    ....I was hoping this was about a break up and not death, but now i am not so sure

    that was intense
    Nekorinion February 04, 2009   Link

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