this world is roamed by beasts who can't be reasoned with
they got frantic eyes and hearts with fangs and minds swinging fists
they've shed oceans of blood for their pride comfort security
power success markets influence assertion of their certainties

this world is roamed by ghosts who can't believe this shit
their outraged outstretched arms pass right through what they've already died to touch and affect
oh frigid gasp that asks is this still the same case?
a whole history on which we've just turned out backs watches us march right through the same mistakes

this world is roamed by beasts
these days they wear fibers spun into business suits
they're always on the prowl for young minds to hunt down and subvert and recruit
from the podiums of status they flail their claws that will never see combat or work
they're animating the farce of their state and their laws that makes killers from boys and cold steel from warm earth

so vote for me!
fight the war! and above all keep working.
fly the flag! spend the cash! just be grateful that you are free.
free to rent yourself out to get paid
free to swallow each war
to consume and obey
free to accept this is the way it is
the way it's always been
and that it's always gonna be this way

this world is roamed by beast who can't seem to understand
that we could all live comfortably enough without the upper hand
without the fenced off land
without the chain of command
without the systems and routines that keep a brilliant existence placid and bland

this world is roamed by ghosts who are hard for us to recognize
seems we've forgotten the bayonets that hoses the bullets they spray in our eyes
have they succeeded in beating us back
into the denial of delusional amnesiacs?

this world is roamed by beasts who could be you or I
we're pitted against each other despite the common glow in our eyes
can you disarm enough to meet me
at the crossroads of our common need?

it's not my fault! not my problem! not my responsibility! to each their own, each for themselves, just be grateful that you are free.
free to get as much as you can and claw your way as high as your pockets are deep.
and free to never have to try and understand other beings and their hearts and their minds and their dreams.

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