Signed myself out today
Sent a letter far away
Said baby I'll be good someday
Gonna try again tomorrow
Try again tomorrow
I couldn't take that sterile place
In those rooms I lost my face
And in the end they couldn't sell me grace
And they can't sell me tomorrow
Can't sell me tomorrow
We can be strong...
Now I'm back on mamma's couch
Plenty of time to think about
All of the kids that went the college route
Chasing their tomorrows
Chasing their tomorrows
One by one my friends dropped out
Now I've got brothers to share my doubts
On what this business is all really about
Waiting on tomorrow
Waiting on tomorrow
We can be strong...
Signed myself out today
Sent a letter far away
Said baby come home today
I'm here and its tomorrow
I'm home and its tomorrow
We can be strong...

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We Can Be Strong Lyrics as written by Willy Mason

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    General Commenton a it
    taliban0on May 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHes not a a search at all..

    Willy has found what he wanted. He doesnt want to go to college because it will pospone his true ambition, music. By losing his face he feels as though all of the teachings are being imposed on him.
    What the business is about is the truth being denied by teachers, and making us just another slave to the system. Hes seen whats offered, been pressured into college, and is finally thinking for himself. After all people that go to college arn't able to educate themselves without assistance.

    just my view
    stonedouton June 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou have to be careful when interpreting songs to make sure you have lyrical evidence for your arguments otherwise it is just supposition which is neither correct nor incorrect. The problem arises when you aruge someones supposition is wrong but yours is right. If you say something like "he's not a (sic) search at all. He doesn't want to go to college because it will pospne(sic) his true amition, music." then you'd better be able to back it up with evidence from the lyrics. Nowhere in the lyrics does the writer say what his true ambition is. You have no lyrical basis for your argument that college is delaying his music. It is supposition which is, as I said earlier, neither right nor wrong. However, you can't say someone elses supposition is wrong and then substitute your own.

    What I see from this song is a person who decides that college is not the correct path for him/her. It seems he believes the idea of college is to put off the current life of now for the future life of tomorrow, as discussed in the lyrics
    "waiting on tomorrow
    waiting on tomorrow
    we can be strong...
    signed myself out today
    sent a letter far away
    said baby come home today
    i'm here and its tomorrow
    i'm home and its tomorrow"

    What I gather from the song is that guy tried college, decided it wasn't for him because it delayed "life" for later, when he decided that his life was now and the future could wait. One by one his friends come to the same realization as he did, and now there are others who are likeminded. In the end he asks his lover to leave his/her college and join the writer back home where life is already underway.

    dizzykon March 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe theme here is simply not really knowing what to do in life, which can apply to anyone at any time, but is particularly pertinent when leaving the scurity of school and having to actually think about such things. I am sure all of has have questioned whether the path we have set out on is the right one from time to time. The context is very directly autobiographical. After his first album and a frenetic period of touring and stuff, WM went home to his mum's for a bit. After a while working out what to do next, at the same time as his friends were all going through the same stage in life, he got on with life, regrounded.
    kiteflyeron September 18, 2011   Link

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