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twenty-four-seven (twenty-four-seven)
three-sixty-five (three-sixty-five)
you can find me hustlin' tryin' stay alive (hustlin'!)
livin' in a world where everyone wanna bring you down
you'll find me smilin', passin' my weed around
smoke one, smoke one with me (smoke one with ya boy)
smoke one (smoke one with ya boy, smoke one with ya boy) with me
(smoke one with ya boy, smoke one with ya boy)

when i sold weed, i sold it right
sold it all day, sold it all night
hours, days, weeks, months
my customers always had weed for their blunts
when you'd call me i was always home
you could get a quarter bag, ounce, or a zone
qp, half a pound, or a whole pound
glad you came around
you know me, i'm always here
puffin' on a blunt, sippin' on a beer.
can't go to the store, i'm dope spot joe
if i leave i'ma miss some dough
spend months at the house, sippin' brew
i'm posted homie, so ya'll come on through
hug my neck, shake my hand
buy your weed from Afroman


when my dro start gettin' low
cock up the 4, go cop some more
coke, weed, water, speed
supply, demand, whatever you need
ziplock bags, extra zig-zags
seatbelt fastened, up to date tags
call everybody let 'em know i'm back
let 'em come on through for a quarter sack
you know i let my customers look at the scale
so they can verify the value of the sale
and while i'm hookin up your sack
you can hear my new track bumpin' in the back
so let's smoke before you go
gotta pay weed tax, i mean, you know
hug my neck, shake my hand
buy your weed from Afroman

* chorus x2 *

smoke one with your boy, Afroman
all the little kids out there, know what i'm sayin'?
little kids don't smoke weed
you know, bring it to me and let me see
know what i'm sayin?
i appreciate all the folks who want to smoke with yo boy
let's smoke one, that's my new single "smoke one with me"
so when i come to your town...hand me some uh, free weed
know what i'm sayin'?
don't come up to me and expect me to blow some of my weed
we smokin' yo weed.

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