(Chorus) - Move out the way when I'm passin' through.
I got heads to the front and the back of you.
I got the world in my hands, you could have it too.
I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you!


I'm the messiah, I'm anti-celebrity,
I'm anti-war like John Lennon in the 70's.
Dead Celeb's the movement, your the student,
It's time to change the world kids!
Here's the blue-print.
Something smells like teen spirit,
Like the ghost of Kurt Cobain wrote these lyrics,
And forced America to listen,
With a million angry misfits screamin', "Fuck the system!"
I'm the pain in Axel Rose's diary,
That's why an appetite for destruction lives inside of me.
I'm not - your - typical lyricist,
Acting gangsta and sellin' out appearences.
They need to take a musicology class,
So thank God the prince has finally come back,
To save from the whack water at El Creek's sideshow,
I'm the anti-American teen idol!

(Chorus x 2)

Like the hands of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon,
Changin' music into a different person.
I took it's face and changed it, replaced it,
Surgically, verbally, gave it a face lift.
Now it's some new shit we callin' Blood Music
For Dead Celeb fans who can relate to it.
(And now!)
So let the games begin, you either turn with the world or you watch it spin.
If your dreams were stolen by a liar,
Then steal it back like your name is Winona Ryder.
Don't be afraid, be stronger, divide and conquer,
Come out swingin' like Ozzfest concerts.
Times up, I'm callin' you to rise up,
No more walking blind with your eyes shut.
Find a message hidden in these chapters
Like Black Sabbath records played backwards!

(Chorus x2)

[10 second interlude]

I'll fight for this like it's a violent game,
I'm in between Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne. I'm the magic in the hands of David Blain,
Spit so much that I'll leave this microphone stained.
Along came a spider, spinnin' webs of hatred.
Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment,
Where stars are born and celebrities tell lies,
The revolution will now be televized!

[11 second interlude]

(Chorus x 2)

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at,

Fuck you!

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Messiah Lyrics as written by Aswan North Brian West

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