Lonely, stubborn and complacent
You have insisted on leaving me here
Writing the same song I started last year
Lovely conjunctions and phrases
Plays on a few words, that you never meant
I must have misread all of the signals that you never sent

It's a bitter sweet life, and it's leaving me A-OK
It's a bitter sweet life, I have loved and lost my heart along the way

Maybe I could still hold you
Or you could call if you feel so inclined
Please take your time locating whatever you're trying to find
Maybe it's time to let go
But I'm too scared and so unprepared
How do I forget, every moment in time that we shared

I'm calling your bluff
I have toyed with the idea of burning your stuff
This is so rough
And it's as if deserting me wasn't enough
Well I've had enough
I'm calling your bluff

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How To Call A Bluff song meanings
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    General Commentwow i think i have seen mfh play about 5 times and i'll see them again tomarrow night.
    not only does dave[lead singer] have an absolutely amazing voice, but the lyrics and just the atmosphere when they play is amazing.
    i would highly recommed going to a show of theres if you can make it.
    potter22030on March 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwow this song is really good does anyone know what this song is about exactly though? i mean ts definatly about a relationship ending but some parts dont make sense then?
    Dusk&Summeron May 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song.
    taylerx0on June 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think when the singer sings that he's calling this girl's bluff. he's saying he doesn't believe her when she says that it's over. That's why he's not letting go of everything.
    BigD4u2nv70on July 03, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think its about how someone use to be in a relationship where they would do anything for the other person but the other person would just say i love you and then treat them like shit and now he's calling out everything she did wrong to him but hes had time to think about it and he'll be okay but he is still a little atatched to her and believes maybe someday in the far future it could work out

    haha yeah i explained alot cause it has happened before
    momentumon July 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI would definitely agree with the thought that this song is about a guy and girl who had a loving relationship but for whatever reason the girl decided to end it. The guy whole-heartedly believes that she is still in love with him regardless of what she's said or done. He's "calling her bluff" and he's gonna do anything he can to get her back because without her life is just "bittersweet" and he's lost his heart with her gone. He's A-Okay, but he's not complete. He's tried to get rid of reminders of her (burning her stuff etc) but he can't bring himself to do it because he's still so in love with her. Very beautiful and it's a very real reflection of how we take things for granted until they are gone and we feel incomplete without them.
    thenningon November 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentDave said this song was about a girl who had cheated on him and he wrote it for/about her.

    "And it's as if deserting me wasn't enough,"
    Thought that made sense.
    RawrXxon December 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIts a bittersweet life, i have love and lost my heart along the way

    -story of my life. this is totally about a breakup and when it says i'm calling ur bluff, he doesn't believe its over. he's been rejected but still hopes they get back together. he can't face that its over forever
    lyricalrockstaron February 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI know that it is about a relationship, but it could also mean that the boy and girl were not boyfriend and girlfriend. They were just friends.
    This happens all the time that one is attracted to the other one, but the other person does not feel the same way. In this case, it would be the guy reading into too much what the girl was saying.

    "Plays on a few words, that you never meant
    I must have misread all of the signals that you never sent"
    Then again, she could have been leading him on.

    In the end though, he is calling her out for the awful things she has done too him.
    Mag2211on February 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFrom personal experience, I would have to say this song is about a relationship that hasn't ended yet. Looking at the lyrics, it looks as if he's being lead on and may have even been physically left behind (AKA she moved away, or suddenly can never see him.) In his time alone he is thinking about everything and is calling her bluff- she doesn't really love him. Now he's struggling with trying to let her go because he truly adores her.
    safetydancexxon March 16, 2008   Link

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