Believe me, this isn’t quite
what I wanted...

I wish that you could take a look inside,
and trust in everything that you know...

It’s time now to take a step back and think friend,
‘Cause the decisions you’re about to make,
make things harder for you.

You’ve got a good head on your shoulders,
but you’ve waited, waited, too long,
Now you’re rushing the decision,
and I hope that you stay strong.

‘Cause we’ve got the answers,
Please stop running around,
Always running around.

I tried so hard to help you,
To keep your feet on the ground
Keep your feet on the ground

Here to listen to you,
To help you through hard times,
We know exactly what you’re going through tonight.

You keep to yourself when you can’t even think straight,
Try to reconcile, even though it may take time,

Well they don’t know,
They can’t judge, and that’s all you care about

You're out there
Making money, trying to
Feed a family who won’t appreciate the things that you do,
You got to get out now, and start a better life...


I know you hate the things that you have seen

[You keep on running, oh, you keep on running]

Deliberately hiding from all the truth,

[You keep on running, oh, you keep on running]

Sit there and you worry
Always, in a hurry

But we’ll make the time,
If it’ll make you happy.

But just so you know we’ve been building all
of these things, From the ground to the sky took
a very long time don’t give up ‘cause you’ve fighting
way to long to let go of your life..

Take a step, find your path, and you’ll know...


Lyrics submitted by D:R bitchh

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    General Commentthe new The Scene Aesthetic song, i know it's going to be on their re-release of "Buling Homes From What We've Known" CD over the summer i think;

    but for right now you can hear it on YouTube under

    "To The Stedfast" or "The Scene Aesthetic new song"

    D:R bitchhon December 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWow, I just noticed that no one has really commented on this song. o.0
    For some reason when I listen to this song I invision a person who wants to kill themself, and they call a suicide hotline or a good friend who tells them to hold on, that they understand, and to slow down and take a break.
    But when I sit and read the lyrics, I think a little differently. I think the song it talking about someone who overworks themselves, overthinks things, and/or has gone through a lot in life, yet they don't tell anyone or seek any help, they try to figure it out themselves. And they have a friend who is trying to help, who is saying "slow down, I understand, I want to help you and I'll make the time to do so". I think the reason the song is so upbeat in cheery with the clapping is because of this, it's just supposed to cheer you up :]
    Beautiful song, thanks for posting the lyrics. I can't wait for their CD to come out this summer.
    hearts&&daggerson June 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti agree with hearts&&daggers,

    but also when i read "You're out there
    Making money, trying to
    Feed a family who won’t appreciate the things that you do,
    You got to get out now, and start a better life..."

    i wonder if it's talking about a prostitute/stripper?
    x0olcon July 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis may just be because of my own experiences, but to me this song is about a relationship that's in trouble because one person has a life a really troubled life that they aren't really dealing with.

    This song is about saying, hang on, I'm trying to help you, so slow down and let me.
    walkingtravestyon April 01, 2010   Link

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